September 30, 2023
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After a successful consultation with members of my family, my community, friends, business associates, stakeholders, Nigerians in the diaspora, members and leaders of my political party (Labour Party Nigeria), I have therefore decided to contest for the Edo State governorship election come 2024., pub-3120625432113532, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

My decision to contest was influenced by the worsening and daily experience of deprivation on the part of the government to the people of Edo State.

The God of Abraham has heard the cry of the people of Edo State and through his wisdom can use anyone for his purpose.

I may not be your favourite politician, but I believe that if we can come together, communicate together, and understand each other, then we can decide the pathway to the Promised Land.

I appeal to the good people of Edo State to support this great movement.

Please nominate and vote for Martins Azekhumen Okoukoni for Edo State Governor 2024.

Please read my simple agenda;

  1. Leadership by example, a transformational style of leadership that ensures working together in peace and unity with political party leaders, stakeholders – good people of Edo State. A New Edo State where everyone matters. 2024 shall be a government from the people and for the people.
  • Transform Edo State from consumption State to production and exportation of goods and services through government initiatives that prioritise a practical exploration of the people’s abilities, empowering people based on their interests, talents, hobbies, natural resources, products, businesses, research, industries and vocation to create employment and improving internal generation of revenue which are channelled into the improvement of infrastructures and human capital development.
  • Focus on institutional reforms and policies that discourage and reduce human exposure to corrupt practices. “To err is human”. Therefore to ensure the rule of law, social values, equality and equity. Our vision goes across a reform that practically minimizes and discourages people’s access to any form of corrupt engagement.
  • Investment in Human Capital Development;
  • Education;  a reform in education where the rich and the poor can have access to quality education through government grants and financial support for the less privileged.
  • Health; introduction of pay-as-you-earn health insurance that will bridge the gap and ensure quality healthcare service for all, and provision of modern healthcare facilities. Our vision is to create free children and pregnant women hospitals across the three senatorial districts.
  • Infrastructural development;  embarking on a counter urbanization or deurbanization program that ensures swift development across Edo State and transforms traditional tarred road dependency transportation style to a rail system of transportation.
  • Power;  focusing on transition to alternative sources of energy which are eco-friendly through government solar panel grants for eligible homes and huge investment in the renewable energy grid.
  • Massive investment in agriculture through government grants, soft loans, provision of agricultural equipment and creating a holistic pathway for investment and exportation.
  • Holistic pathway to poverty eradication through government initiatives that focus on the provision of social welfare for struggling families, soft business startup loans for the youths, encourage skills acquisition programs and ensure Edo State becomes a safe haven for business and production to succeed through people-oriented policies and exploring Edo rich heritage into tourism and attraction.
  • Ensure the life and properties of Edo people are safe through the transformation of security architectures, provision of modern security equipment and government-sponsored relevant training to boost the morale of our security personnel.

In God We Trust!

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