December 9, 2023

How Woman Bled To Death After Abuja Hospital Denied Her Treatment Without Police Extract

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A woman, named Greatness Olorunfemi, reportedly stabbed by a criminal in the Nigerian Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, bled to death after the Maitama General Hospital allegedly refused to treat her without a police extract., pub-3120625432113532, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

It was learnt that the woman was stabbed by a one-chance driver in Abuja when some Good Samaritans saw her and took her to the hospital but instead of treating her, the nurses on duty allegedly refused to attend to her.

An X (formerly Twitter) user with the account @Nwaadaz, who shared a video of the incident, wrote: “Greatness Olorunfemi’s life was cut short in the midst of her beautiful dreams and aspirations. Greatness lived every day of her life for God and humanity.

“Maitama General Hospital refused to attend to her after she was beaten and pushed out of a moving vehicle by One Chance operatives in Abuja and she died.”

She added, “Maitama General Hospital refused to attend to my friend who was stabbed by a one-chance driver in Abuja, they allowed her to bleed to death and locked the emergency ward against her because she didn’t have a police report!! Nigeria has failed Greatness!!”

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The video seen showed the supposed woman lying in the back seat of a dark green car in front of the general hospital unattended.

The Good Samaritans who brought her to the hospital were also seen standing in clusters helplessly.

A voice in the video was also heard lamenting how the nurses in the hospital refused to attend to her while she bled to death.

The voice said, “Good evening ladies and gentlemen this is your brother reporting on CNN news network. We are in a Maitama General Hospital, unfortunately, we called one of the nurses we just met here and she said they cannot attend to her and that they have their reasons.

“This is what we have been talking about for the past three weeks now, how our hospitals are dying on a daily basis. Instead of quickly rushing this woman and saving her life they are saying there is procedure and process. They just lock their gate against us. This is what is happening here now.”

Meanwhile, there is outrage among Nigerian social media users over the negligence of the hospital to the life of the woman because of no production of the police report.

They called for the arrest of the nurse on duty who refused to treat the woman and charge her for manslaughter.

Benny ‘Buchi O. @Bennoker wrote: “In a sane country the head of the hospital and the doctors and nurse on duty that refused to will be in jail for manslaughter and their licenses withdrawn.”

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@CSexyCyn called for a change of policy of presenting a police report before treating a person in an emergency situation.

“Can’t this policy be changed?

“Treat and detain the patient. The hospital should have contact with the nearest police station. They give a call or send a message to the DPO and then commence treatment.

“Can’t this be fixed”

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Another X user @iam_Bonex wrote:

“Backward we still going, hospital’s priority which a supposed to be saving lives. Hmm”.

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Another with the name Elle with account @sweetsixtien wrote:

“Her friend who took her there said 2 others died from this same cause – APC once chance operatives who them and were refused attendance.

“Ever since Agbero lead and his boys moved to Abuja the insecurity has become H£LLISH & will only

“They have also taken away livelihoods…”

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