December 4, 2023
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…His magnificent rising profile speaks volume

People have charted a course that has distinguished them from their contemporaries over the years, they have paved a way for themselves that when people hear their story, all they have is nice words for the journey so far., pub-3120625432113532, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Being consistent throughout the years, especially on the right course, is something to be commended; it is not easy anywhere to build a great career worthy of emulation without becoming distracted, especially in such climes as ours.

So this is all about Very Rv Fr Andrew Obinyan’s profile, which is currently making the rounds due to his consistency not only in reaching out to people about where their salvation lies, but also in empowering the masses who have nowhere to seek refuge.

Very Rev. Fr. Obinyan, a native of Ubiaja, Esan South-East local government area in Edo Central Senatorial District of Edo State, has come a long way.

He began his ministry in the Auchi Diocese in Edo North Senatorial District, where he began to carve out a name for himself as a young philanthropist who saw the need to help the common man in their time of need.

He was then transferred to Ikpoba Hill, where he once more carried out his spiritual and humanitarian services to the admiration of the locals. Today, he is well-known in that neighborhood.

Later, he went to Port Harcourt for his Masters Degree before returning to Benin City as a priest at the well-known and prestigious St Paul’s Catholic Church.

He did his fair part with St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, where he stayed roughly five years. He had a significant impact on the church’s architecture as well as its parishioners, who all had nothing but positive things to say about his leadership.

He improved the parish’s architecture to the glory of God and left positive memories among the parishioners throughout his 10 years as parish priest at St. Albert Catholic Church in the University of Benin.

Rev. Fr. Obinyan, the current Parish Priest at St. Francis Catholic Church in Ekenwan, has not dropped his standards in any way. Is it his sermons or evangelism or his reach to the poor and widows, or his never-ending supply of scholarship to students and the less fortunate?

His empowerment drives continues to this day, as he was recently observed reaching out to widows and women in Benin City and his native Esanland.

Charity, they say, begins at home, and he has played a magnificent role in reaching out to his people back home in Edo Central, giving medical services, sinking boreholes, empowering youngsters, and a plethora of other humanitarian efforts that have left the people in awe.

Many have projected him to take on higher responsibilities in the country where he can reach out to more of the populace because of his flair for the common man and always standing on the side of truth.

His evangelism activities can be seen on televisions, internet channels, and social media platforms, and he is known as a humble, sincere, and dedicated patriotic Nigerian.

Rev. Fr. Obinyan has paved the way for many young individuals seeking to emulate such appealing leadership attributes that transcend the confines of Christianity.

Many others have wondered how he has managed to balance his spiritual life with the arduous task of addressing the yearnings of the average man, on which he has had a significant impact over the years.

Rev. Fr. Obinyan, a former chairman of the Edo State Pilgrims Board, also made his imprint on that government organisation. He was also a chaplain at the Edo State Government House under the stewardship of Adams Oshiomhole, bringing him into close contact with politicians.

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