December 10, 2023

EDO 2024: Effective Governance Requires Political Will, Says Gov’Ship Aspirant

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By Simeon OSAJIE

A frontline Edo 2024 Gubernatorial Aspirant and Founder, Okoukoni Care Foundation, Mr. Martins Azekhumhen Okoukoni has opined that having an effective governance, whether in Edo State or other states is a function of political will., pub-3120625432113532, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

According to him, “There are numerous things in the system that need to be right. Doing most of these, has the potency of stepping on the toes of very powerful people who has constituted themselves as oligarchy. When political leaders now put into consideration, who to offend and not to offend, because of vested selfish interest, such can hinder or impede development.

“Therefore, any leader who hopes to succeed should have the political will, at all times to put in place developmental strategy that would have positive impact on the teeming masses, rather than few selfish politicians.

“Today, there are series of malfeasance in the land, that would have been tackled at their incubative stage. But they were allowed to develop, grow wings and propeller. Dealing with such ugly trend has now become a challenge to those entrusted with the power to do so due to vested interests.”

Going further, Mr. Okoukoni noted: “When I am privileged to lead Edo State as Governor, I shall ensure that what ought to be done in every sector is carried out without fear or favour. If there is the need to step on toes, so far the citizens are happy, I won’t hesitate to do just that.

“But the citizens on their own should be prepared as well to pay their required sacrifice, if everybody must be happy at the long run. There are fundamental things the government need to do, same way the citizenry has their own roles as well. If these are carried out religiously, everybody would have course to smile.

“Like I have always maintained, my aspiration is for the people. My intention is bridging the gap, where there are vacuum and loopholes.”

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