April 19, 2024

Obaretin Community, A Place To Dwell Peacefully – Elder Ogiemwonyi

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The acting Odionwere, elders and the entire people of Obaretin village in Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area of Edo State unanimously said Obaretin is a place where anybody can come over to stay without fear of intimidation as they are peaceful people who take everyone as one irrespective of where you come from.

Speaking to the newsmen after an enlarge meeting of the people, the Acting Odionwere of the community, Elder Albert Ogiemwonyi said there is relative peace in the community and the people are leaving together as one family.

The acting Odionwere however used the occasion to informed the general public that whosoever have landed property or properties in the community should come over for verification exercise coming up with documents to show claim of ownership.

The venue of the exercise is the compound of the Acting Odionwere, along Old Benin/Sapele road, Obaretin Community, Kilometer 19, Benin/Sapele road, Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area of Edo State. The time schedule for the verification exercise which will last for one month beginning from the 18th of October to 17th of November, 2021.

He further added that any person, group of persons or organization who fails to avail themselves for the verification exercise will forfeit such land.

Elder Ogiemwonyi also said the Land Verification Committe have been set up for the screening exercise, adding that the elders and people of the community have also appointed their sons, Mr. Osarobo Osagiede and Mr. Peter Ogiemwonyi to work with the elders.

Also speaking, Pa Samuel Okunghae (ozokpogieha) urged developers not to entertain fear in coming to Obaretin Community to developed their properties, but they should come with their documents during the verification exercise, pointing out that, if the documents tender by such person or organization are genuine ones, there will be problem and if the documents are not genuine, the elders will also know way to handle such issues.

He reinterated that there is no problem whatsover in Obaretin Community as they all live as one family.

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