April 20, 2024

The Positive Change APC Needs Now Is Chief Francis Inegbeniki

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By: Chris Tony Akhabue

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It is pathetic but undeniably reprehensible, that the greatest undoing of the Nigeria State has never been the lack of result oriented ideas. What socio political analysis have most often times referred to as cluelessness, is, most times, not the lack of profitable and result oriented ideas, but the lack of will power to do the right thing at the appropriate time.

Edo APC, if we must face the reality on ground, suffered a devastating blow during the last governorship election in Edo State with the exit of the governor, Godwin Obaseki from the party.

That singular action momentarily affected the internal party oneness and structural composition and consistency. From that moment till lately, the party has been trying to regain its lost glory.

Accomplishing the task of rebuilding the ruins of the All Progressives Party at this point in time, when the ruling Edo Peoples Democratic Party seems to be losing hold and focus and heading for a possible grand breaking fall and disintegration at the state level, requires the stake holders accepting to apply the rudimentary task of shunning ego and power play.

The very first and basic step in the right direction in the quest for political recovery that the All Progressives Party needs at this time, if they are desireous of recovery, is to engage in drastic self reengineering to achieve internal party cohessions.

To achieve this, the party needs the right man power at the piloting point to drive the dynamics of party and grassroots politics to ensure victory and stability for the ebbing party.

First and foremost, the party must, as a matter of necessity, most especially at this particular point in time, do away with party Consensus.

Party Consensus most times endorses incompetence, illegitimacy, reckless imposition which stirs disenchantment resulting in internal squabbles and disharmony.

Leaving the driving wheels of the destiny of the APC at this auspicious and trying times in the hands of a “Yes man” is to nail the coffins of the party for an untimely burial.

What the APC needs now is a passionate believer in the doctrines of the party, a die hard with a heart and head for results, not a Lily livered yobo who is neither here nor there.

In view of the present comatose and bedridden situation of a party recuperating from self inflicted injuries, the party seriously without mincing words, needs a surgeon general to lead the final operation aimed at saving the foundering party.

To achieve this and be able to put the party in a sure and sound footing, and to guarantee victories in subsequent elections, the party needs a vibrant head. A head with admirable God given virtues; courage, valor, temperance, restraint, liberality, magnificence, honestly and zeal for party supremacy and in-depth understanding of party and grass root politics of Edo state. All the aforementioned and more are what Chief Inegbeniki is unarguably and immensely, without contradiction, endowed with.

It is only a political master strategist who has never lost his political unit in any election, a political general, a party man to the core, a grassroots mobilizer like Chief Francis Inegbeniki that can steer the sinking ship of the APC to anchore and safety.

To choose otherwise in the forthcoming party congress is to bid the well-being and the future of the party a final goodbye.

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