March 2, 2024

BREAKING NEWS: President Closes Down 6,000 Churches

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By Editor

President Paul Kagame has stirred a big reaction after he closed 6,000 churches in Rwanda and introduced a new regulation for pastors and churches. President Paul Kagame insists the church can’t be turned into business while he’s in power., pub-3120625432113532, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

He claimed there were too many churches in Rwanda, much more than schools and industries. He claimed there were too many fake pastors using the church to extort money from its members. He closed down 6, 000 churches that had refused to comply and vowed to close down more.

President Paul Kagame said he was shocked by the high number of churches in this small East African country. Rwanda’s government has shut down 6,000 churches and 100 mosques in total over the years. President Paul Kagame closed down 700 churches for noise pollution in 2018.

He claimed Rwanda has too many churches, Rwandan President Paul Kagame said after the initial closings. The closures come as the Rwanda Governance Board (RGO) is conducting a national review

of proposed new regulations controlling faith-based institutions, requirements that pastors have theological education.

To eradicate fake ministries and reduce take pastors and stop pastors turning church into business he introduced

new rules which majority of pastors and churches didn’t meet up, he had no option but close down 6000 churches. Is religion part of Africa problems and do you think he did the right thing and other countries should emulate him.

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