April 17, 2024

Uselu N’Ahor Community Pleads With Benin Monarch, Govt, Others For Rescue

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The people of Uselu N’Ahor village, Uhunmwode Local Government Area of Edo State, have again cried out on what they termed high handedness, continued intimidation, incessant harassment and arrest with security operatives by their Enogie, HRH Osaro Omoregie.

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They appealed for the quick intervention of the Benin Monarch, His Royal Majesty, Oba Ewuare II, Edo State Government and the Police.

The Enogie, HRH Osaro Omoregie have been in seemingly unending disagreement and quarrel with his people, especially the youths led by the Okaighele Mike Enotiomwan, for about five years; sometimes leading to violence.

The community cried out in reaction to the recent media briefing by the Enogie, alleging the youths had forced him out of the Village, under the Okaighele, they have unilaterally sold all the land and are never submissive to his authority, he alleged.

They complained that since his installation as the Enogie , he has never spent a night in the village,
his only interest is making money for himself from the resources of the village, without caring about their welfare and overall development.

In his reaction, the Okaighele of the Community, Mike Enotiomwan denied all the allegations of the Enogie saying, “nobody pursued him from the village, he was seen last about six months ago, adding that, he is the one creating crisis when actually none exist.

“He keeps harassing and arresting the youths for every imaginable reasons. Not long ago, we bailed our boys the Police arrested and detained at Abuja on his order.

“It is not true we practice activities of the outlawed Community Development Association (CDA) in Uselu N’Ahor. There is no way we can be bold enough to go against the directives and orders of the great Oba of great Benin kingdom and Edo State Government,” he said.

“As I speak, everyone resides here except the Enogie who for reasons known to him alone, has abandoned his throne, people and responsibilities.”

Uyi Omorodion corroborating the assertions of the Okaighele reminded everyone on how Oba Ewuare II in 2017 directed the Enogie to go work with the youths of Uselu N’Ahor, led by the Okaighele Mike Enotiomwan.

“All of a sudden, Enogie Osaro began to fight everyone especially the youths. I was one of those he arrested after spending six days at the State Police Headquarters in Benin, I was taken to Abuja along others and detained for another eleven (11) days before I was bailed for false allegations.”

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