March 2, 2024

I Did Not Send Soldiers To Disperse Peaceful Protesters At Ekpoma – Engr. Ordia

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…Says rumour politically motivated to dent his good image

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The senator representing Edo Central Senatorial District at the National Assembly, Senator Engr. Clifford Odia,  has debunked the  news trending on social media that he invited soldiers to disperse peaceful protesters who blocked the Benin-Auchi road at Ekpoma axis of the state on account of its deplorable state of the road.

Speaking to The9JaTREDN in  a telephone interview, Senator Ordia debunked the allegation trending on social media that he brought Soldiers to disperse peaceful protesters.

The Senator who was surprised at the insinuations described the allegations as unfounded, adding that, “ordinarily, I would not have bothered to join issues with the author of the said malicious and baseless  but misleading accusation which is grossly deficient in social and moral capital which only succeeded in exposing the intellectual paralysis of its proponents.”

“Accusing me of inviting soldiers to disperse a peaceful protest aimed at attracting  the APC government’s attention to its responsibility of providing social amenities for my own constituency that I represents at the National Assembly, is, in itself, a clear manifestation of malicious and futile political attempts to malign and denigrate my person.

“I have made several presentations at the National Assembly for the government to have the said road repaired.

“It is a demonstration of pedestrianism of thought process lacking in merit,  objectivity and given that the plot strand provides only a leeway for narrow minded and on distilled speculations devoid of empirically verifiable facts and should therefore  be disregarded altogether as cursory, perfunctory and desultory conjectures of an  unsound mental processes whose sole aim is targeted at disparaging my elevated moral pedestal  built  conscientiously and painstakingly  over the years on sound moral foundation.”

Going further, Senator Clifford Ordia said, on JULY 19th 2022, I moved a Motion on the floor of the house on the same issue for the quick intervention and rehabilitation of the road.

“It is therefore, laughable, pitiable and shameful to see the APC try to cover their open sore of poor performance and incompetence in governance by mobilizing some poorly informed youths to protest against Senator Ordia for the failure of the APC administration.

“For the records, I have single handedly facilitated the rehabilitation and construction of 25 roads across Esan land, this is well documented in my Score Card.

“In my  capacity as a Senator, I  have done my  best and will continue to do more for my  people. My role as a Lawmaker is to draw attention of government to my senatorial districts so that my people can be captured in federal government projects and programs.

“From my interactions and investigation of  the matter, it was made clear that the said soldiers were on transit on the said day and coincidentally ran into the blockage and asked the protesting youths to remove the barricades which they did and the  security personnel promptly drove off and left the scene and headed to wherever they were going.”

How come it is Senator Clifford Odia that brought soldiers from where, to disperse the protesting youths?

According to the Senator, the Benin-Sapele road of the same federal road was in the same unusable state of disrepair. The youth of the area mobilized and blocked the road for almost two weeks. Law enforcement agencies as usual came to maintain law and order; how come the senator representing the district was not accused of bringing police or soldiers to disperse the peaceful Protest?

“This explanation became imperative to dispel the futile political coloration by those seeking to dent my soaring image.

“My word of advice therefore is that people should be aware and cautious  of “a dog” that barks at its own people  because such dog will not hesitate before biting other innocent strangers,” he said.

Senator Clifford Ordia therefore advised all to disregard the erroneous and misleading information as it was politically concocted to dent his good image, assuring of his unflinching resolve to continually attract government projects to his constituency.

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