May 18, 2024

FECHA Project Fashion Design And Exhibition Hub, Meeting The 21st Century Demands In Global Competitiveness

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As the world is evolving, fashion itself is also not left behind rather it is moving very fastly like a lightening flash with its dynamics .

The onus now rest squarely on who can catch up with it, redefine it and stay relevant., pub-3120625432113532, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

And this is where skills, Intelligence Quotient also known as IQ come in to play a significant role.

The only fashion outfit that is parading an astute attribute of fashion designer is the FECHA Project Fashion Design and Exhibition Hub with their ability to combine a blend of the ancient Benin Kingdom with its modern day reality when its comes to fabrics and this is the nitty gritty of fashion designer.

Come to think of fashion, it goes beyond just putting the tread through the eye of a needle, spinning the handle of the sewing machine.

It is also goes beyond just combining fabrics but combining the right fabrics and colours to give you the outright beauty and elegance you deserve.

Designs that will make you stand out and stand tall. This is only find on the platter of FECHA Project Fashion Design and Exhibition Hub.

With experiences spanning close to a decade in the fashion industry, the outfit is ranking among the world best and among the big names in the continent.

Ensuring that no stone is left unturned and nobody is lagging behind irrespective of age brackets, social strata, meeting the need of all and etching its name in the sand of time for posterity sake, are the propelling forces driving FECHA Project Fashion Design and Exhibition Hub.

In a chat with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FECHA Project Fashion Design and Exhibition Hub, Mr. Alex Friday Eguakhide while stating the rationale behind FECHA Project Fashion Design and Exhibition Hub, he said he did not choose fashion but fashion chose him.

This in a real sense and without mincing words, revealed the true sense of showcasing his talent and when talent meets with dexterity, the end result is a boom for the fashion industry.

Think fashion, think of FECHA Project Fashion Design and Exhibition Hub and this is the way to go.

And to him, redesigning the Nigerians perception about fashion and meeting the 21st century demands in a global competitiveness is a done deal.

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