March 2, 2024

2023: Obidient Family Should Constantly Remain Obidient Even On Yuletide Vacation – Ogbaloi Urges Supporters


Comrade Kelly Ogbaloi, Edo State Chairman, Labour Party

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…As Okukpe Travails Cannot Disrupt 2023 Labour Party’s Electoral Victory

…Calls on supporters to go and collect their PVC, pub-3120625432113532, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

By Simeon OSAJIE

The Edo State Chairman of Labour Party, (LP), Comrade Kelly Ogbaloi has urged all Obidient family and supporters across Nigeria to remain focus as they embark on Christmas and New Year vacation.

Ogbaloi made this remark while speaking with newsmen in his Benin office.

According to Comrade Ogbaloi, “Our message clearly is that Labour Party wishes all our  Obidient family and supporters across Nigeria well as they proceed for Christmas vacation, but they should not forget that we must all constantly remain Obidient because immediately after the Christmas and New Year celebration, we shall be entry the New Year 2023 and elections will be before us. So, we cannot falter.

“Everyone supporting Labour Party out there should be on guide to make sure as we go to the Christmas and New Year holiday, we do not overdo things because we need out strengths; we need our health, we need everything possible to drive this election, because never again shall we allow bad governance to continue to impoverish the Nigerians.”

Going further, the Edo State LP Chairman, opined that what Labour Party is currently doing is to ensure that Mr. Peter Obi who has clear and distinctive ideas towards a better Nigeria emerge victorious at the 2023 general elections.

“Well, what we as Labour Party is doing is that we are collectively doing the right things that will ensure Mr. Peter Obi who has clear and distinctive ideas towards a better Nigeria emerge victorious at the 2023 general elections.

Today, what is happening in Nigeria is that nothing is working. Every facet of our national life is in shambles, nothing is working, and security is no longer there. Whereas it is one of the fundamental items the government needed to render to the people it governance within its sovereignty, but we don’t have that. As we speak here, power is not provided for the people in this country, health itself is not there because even government functionary’s junket between here and oversea to take treatment. Then what is left for the ordinary man in the society?

“So it is all of these we are talking about. So, our resolve is to push for better governance for every Nigeria citizen. 

“What Labour Party will do is that we will continue to drop this message to all of us and we ask whoever is out there to join force with Labour Party to ensure the changes are brought back for the betterment of the masses.”

On the issue of the former Director General of Obi/Datti Campaign Council, Doyin Okukpe’s resignation, the Edo State LP Chairman said the party is not actually happy the whole saga, adding that it will not deter the determination of labour party resolve to clinch victory at the poll.

“We are actually not happy that such things happened, but what I can tell you straight away is that, Okukpe’s issue has nothing to do with the  election that we are to handle in 2023. It will not affect anything as far as I am concern, because again, the campaign itself is not totally built around Okukpe as a person.

“Beside Okukpe being convicted for such crime now, he could have even resigned on his own, he could have even left office; anybody can leave office for any reason whatsoever. So, are we supposed to close shop if that happens?

“What I am saying clearly is that what Labour Party is doing is more than an individual. So, if Okukpe is going away, his duty will be taken over by someone and we will continue to drive our campaign strategies to success.

“Again, it is difficult to come to the conclusion that Okukpe’s travail is politically motivated, because we as Labour Party don’t want to run into sentiment about the fact that something has happen to him in that regard because there is a law attach to that action. If that law is anything to go by, then it is difficult to tell or definitely say that is a politically motivated action as it where, but in a critical overview of it, one might want to say that it was politically motivated because this is a crime that has been committed in the past. So, the question that comes in is that, why are you suddenly convicting him now if he was not convicted in the past before today?” he said.

“So, these are the two sides to it. But I think from our perspective, as a clean and decent party, we do not want to attribute matters to issues unnecessarily to create sentiment that cannot vividly give the perspective that a decent party like ours will stand. So, we feel that give or take, we will want to say that somebody is politically witch-hunting someone. We don’t want to say that. But however, if we look at it clearly again, you may say yes, there is a political undertone to what happened to Okukpe.”

Comrade Kelly Ogbaloi further stated that every well-meaning Nigerian is looking onto Labour Party to deliver the country from imminent collapse, and added that his party will do everything possible to convert the massive goodwill and endorsement of the Nigeria youths to ensure victory for Peter Obi and his running mate.

According to him, “the immediate expectation is a vigorous campaign and winning ultimately at the end of the 2023 general elections. This is what the people expect from Labour Party.

“But I always encourage Nigerians to go out there to collect their Permanent Voters Card (PVC). So the campaign is on, is vigorous. We are telling our supporters  that no matter how much we campaign, if you do not have your PVC it ends up in futility, it means that this ones, the old politicians will come back and our travails will continue.

“So, my message is that whoever, wherever you are, please go and collect your PVC. Make sure that as much as can, ensure you pick your PVC, because if you don’t have your PVC you cannot even complain, you can’t change anything.

Please, I am sending this message through this medium again, go to the people, to our people, to our supporters, the youths, the woman, the child, the man that on top of everything, all we need do is to pick our PVC to change the narratives of who govern us come February, 2023 General elections. Kindly go and pick your PVC,” he concluded.

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