March 2, 2024

Coalition of Benin Social Cultural Organization Passes Vote Of Confidence On Amas Edobor Led Exco

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…Describe trending social media report as laughable and baseless

By Simeon OSAJIE, pub-3120625432113532, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

The leadership of the Coalition of Benin Social Cultural Organisation, has reacted to the report on social media that the group has passed a vote of no confidence on Amas Edobor which subsequently led to the emergence of Osaro Iyamu as the new elected Coordinator General.

The leadership said such report is false and that the Coalition under Amas Edobor’s leadership is intact and urged the coalition members and general public not to have any dealings with the purported exco led by Osaro Iyamu.

Speaking on behalf of the coalition, the Coordinator General, Amas Edoror who was surprised at  social media report described the purported emergence of Osaro Iyamu as the new Coordinator General of the group as unfounded, adding that, ordinarily,  “I would not have bothered to join issues with Osaro Iyamu of the said malicious and baseless  claim reacted so that the  general public would not be misled!.”

According to Edobor, “the said self-acclaimed Osaro Iyamu, a.k.a. Culture has since seized to be a member of the Coalition of Benin Social Cultural Organisation since he refused to appear before the Disciplinary Committee to investigation the allegations leveled against him, rather he went to Erie Street and met the head of a particular trade to help him mobilize some people and also hired some taxi drivers  who are not members of the coalition to organized a kangaroo press conference and said that he has emerged as the new Coordinator General of our group.

“Osaro Iyamu and Collins Osaghae  planned is to use the coalition as a means of extorting money from people which I as Coordinator General frown against and never liked such an idea.

“The Coalition of Benin Social Cultural Organisation is a pressure group for the Benin Nation to defend the throne, to defend the Benin heritage, to defend Edo and also question government whenever they are going wrong.

“But lately, we noticed that Osaro Iyamu and Collins sat down, put up letters and forged my signature to extort money from politicians and cooperate bodies.. The group could not allow such to go unpunished! Little did we know that they were under political sponsorship to destroy the Coalition!

“I as the Coordinator General asked him to create a WhatsApp Group and ensure that the executive and other members are admitted into the WhatsApp Group.

“If he is having any issues with anyone or if any of the executive members is trying to checkmate him on wrong doing, he deletes such member because he is the admin of the WhatsApp group without the approval of the house. He insults people at will, he shouts on people at any given time like a mad dog. So, I begin to reason, and begin to think, is this man Culture really normal? If really he is normal, he ought to have do things differently”

Going further, Amas Edobor added: “Osaro Iyamu and Collins Osaghae have stealing the Coalition money!

“Coalition of Benin Social Cultural Organisation is not partisan I keeping telling him. I don’t involve in those kinds of things that will tarnish my personality which I have built for years. Culture cannot continue to rubbish the group and continue to go about extorting money from innocent citizens of the Benin kingdom.

“I tried to ensure that things continue to work for the betterment of the Benin Kingdom, because I have love for my people and my people believe in me and gave me the mandate to pilot the affairs of the coalition which I have be doing without any blemish. My members can attest to that.

“Reacting to the wrong doings of Mr Osaro Iyamu, the congress of the coalition placed him on suspension.

“After another show of shame by Osaro Iyamu and Mr. Collins Osaghae, they have been expelled from the COALITION OF BENIN SOCIO-CULTURAL ORGANIZATIONS.

“We hereby call on members of the coalition and general public not to transact any dealings with Osaro Iyamu and Mr. Collins Osaghae,” he said.

 Journalists are advised to always verify claims before rushing publishing so as not to mislead the public.”

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