April 13, 2024

Group Condemn Allege Plans To Suspend Some Enigie In Edo South

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…Enigie’s plans is to booster government security architecture in the state


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A group known as ‘Bini Chronicle’, apolitical and nonprofit making group and a social cultural organization for the preservation of Benin history have observed with utter consternation the outcry, and criticism that greeted the letter written by the Enigie in the seven local government areas that made up Edo South to the Executive Governor of Edo State, Mr. Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki.

Recall the Enigie has earlier written a letter to the Executive of  Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki appealing to him to constitute Traditional Councils for Edo South Local Government Areas of Edo State.

According to the group, “Going through that Section 28 Sub-Section 1 reads: The Executive Council may withdraw the approval of the appointment of, or suspend or depose, any Traditional Ruler, Regent, Traditional Chief or Honourary Chief whether appointed before or after the commencement of this edict, if it is satisfactory that such withdrawal, suspension or deposition is required according to Customary Law or is necessary in the interest of peace or order or good government.”

The group further stated that, its finding show that the agitations by the Enigie has been hijacked by some social media activist or campaigners who want to make names for the poolmselves through cheap means, who never mean well for our dear kingdom  but rather wish to  be distractors  and cogs in the wheel of progress.

“We have decided to advise those fueling discord with uncomplimentary remarks, falsehoods and threat to cautious and give peace a chance rather than putting our traditional institutions in public ridicule or in a bad light.

“Suspending the Enigie will not augur well for all the general wellbeing of all; rather, it will expand the gap between the traditional actors and the people;  while allowing non-traditional actors to enter the race to cause a breakdown of law and order in our dear State,” the group said.


Will it not also amount to self-defeat for the palace to suspend Enigie  who have not infringed laws of the land? When other feasible means are available to iron-out the issue because many sympathizer and onlookers will be keen to know why the Enigie are being persecuted.

“It will send bad signals to their respective domains and communities as their villages and subject will not fail to rally round them because they were all carried along before writing the said letter to the state government because the issue raised in the letter is only pertinent to the state governor.

“The suspension, deposition and withdrawal of a traditional title gazzetted under the Bendel State’s Traditional Rulers and Chiefs Law of 1979 as applicable in Edo and Delta State solemnly rest with the Executive Council of the State and it must confirm with the relevant section of the law, hence nobody has the right or concession outside the governor to suspend any traditional title holder as gazzetted in Section 28 Sub-Section (1) of the Bendel State’s Traditional Rulers and Chiefs Law of 1979.

“We propose that at this critical stage of our dear state that insecurity has laced all nooks and crannies of our beloved country Nigeria, that if the Enigie are empower through Constitution of Traditional Council in the seven local government area of Edo South, it will help to compliment and advocate government security architecture because this Enigie are closer to the people at the grassroots.

“It is in this light that we implore the Executive council to partner with our revered monarch, the oba of benin to constitute traditional council for the seven local government area in Edo South.

“Oba gha tor kpele – Ise” the group stated.

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