April 13, 2024

National Coalition Of Edo Voters Demands Total Cancellation Of 2023  General Elections

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…Calls for immediate resignation of INEC Chairman

By Simeon OSAJIE

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The National Coalition of Edo Voters has called for immediate cancellation of 2023 Presidential and National Assembly elections conducted by Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) where the APC presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu was pronounced the winner.

Addressing newsmen at the secretariat of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) in Benin City, Edo State capital, Comrade Olu Martins who speaks on behalf of the Conveners – Comrade Chris Ojeikere, Comrade Shedrach Udugbai and Comrade Douglas Odens, said, “let it be on record that the only party today not concerned about such catastrophic irregularities in the 2023 election results, is the APC, whose 8 years of harrowing and gruesome maladministration, Nigerians have patiently endured to change in 2023.”

According to Comrade Martins, “INEC, deviously failed to upload the election results into the Independent Review Portal (IREV), as was not only promised by the INEC Chairman, but also, as evidenced by records,  had insisted, vehemently, before the election, that no manual computations of results will be used to determine the winner of the 2023 election results.

“Where the results were uploaded at all,  by some of INEC polling officers, testimonies abound of unimaginable proportion of alterations, so much so, that results sheets on the portal from River State, for instance, looks like a painter’s canvass. Citizens of other states, who saw their results earlier uploaded at the respective polling units, can no longer recognise the travesties called results at the IREV.

“INEC had craftily promised all Nigerians the benefit of being able to view the uploaded results online, even from the comfort of their homes. We wonder therefore, why the INEC Chairman was so adamant against displaying same results on its portal during the national presentation of the results, even after the entreaties and protestations from other political parties. Well, our wonder was laid to rest, or should we say, to deeper worries, by the alarming submission by INEC that it did not upload most results into its portal. So, ladies and gentlemen, what we have as the 2023 results are the mental computations of the whims and caprice of the INEC Chairman, who took the unholy liberty to ALLOCATE results to each party as it suited his humourless fancy. As the emperor himself, imperially said in the pre – results briefing the previous day to the commencement of release of the results, whatever he declares as results are the only true results! The results are what emperor Mahmoud says it is!”

“As a follow  up to that, fellow Nigerians must note that the INEC chairman’s preferred style of computing the results has completely invalidated the striving for, the tax payers money, and the progress made in Nigeria’s electoral profile of introducing technology, by purchasing the BVAS machines. The BVAS lies there therefore, as a mechanical liability;  good only for falsifying results. This is a lamentable miasma!

“We the National Coalition of Edo Voters note with mouths agape, that despite the electronic, viral videos and multiple narratives of gory brutalities, through the abuse of state powers, on display in Rivers state, where INEC officials, especially our youth corps patriot, were battered, beaten, wounded and brutalized for not compromising the process, the INEC Chairman, still accepted the results of River state, and went ahead to hurriedly announce such criminality as results. Nigerians must here be informed, that the Electoral Act guiding this elections, confers on  the INEC Chairman, the powers to withhold announcements of results for 7 days, in the event of controversies, such as are rampant in this election. So, the question is, why was Prof. Mahmoud in such a hurry to announce the results?” he stated.

Going further, Comrade Olu Martins added, We, the Nigeria people have risen up to say no more to the sadistic manipulations of men of dark minds, throwbacks from the infernal underworld, threatening our collective destinies and posterity. We say A CAPITAL NO. THEREFORE, WE DEMAND: “The immediately cancellation of the 2023 Presidential election results and a declaration that the election is totally an unacceptable fraud!. Even the declared winner said and I quote  ‘Know Many Nigerians Didn’t Vote For Me Or Support Me, And Are Disappointed I Won’. End of quote.

“A neutral body of forensic experts should be invited to audit the entire Presidential election results, with a view to discovering the demons that have been be devilling free, fair and credible elections in Nigeria. We are convinced they are hidden within.

“The immediate resignation of the INEC Chairman, Mahmoud Yakubu, or his sack, whichever comes first.

“An immediate investigation into the roles of non INEC agents in the Presidential election in Rivers State. Especially, the role of the exiting Governor.

“A public testimony and verbal account from our national youth Corp members and other persons, who were physically manhandled during the election

“A  complete investigation into a Social media report of spotting Mahmoud Yakubu in Bourdillion Road, Ikoyi, and the possible association with Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s private jet.”

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