June 15, 2024

Edo State Deserves A Governor  Like Hon. John Yakubu

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A man who puts the welfare of others above his personal interest,

A man who sees politics as an avenue to improve the lives and welfare of others rather than increase his own financial growth,

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A man of vision and transformation with a track record of verifiable performance while he was in office as LGA chairman.

Thankfully we have Hon. John Yakubu like that aspiring for governorship of Edo state.

He is well known, his record goes before and after him in the 3 senatorial districts.

His agenda will be around;

  • Empowering the people through numerous interventions,
  • Transforming and reforming several governmental institutions through his visionary leadership,
  • To lead several innovative projects to better the lives of the citizens and residents of Edo State,
  • and a lot more…

Hon. John Yakubu is on a mission to transform Edo state and restore our lost glory!

Hon. John Yakubu Need Your Support To Ensure The Success Of This Mandate.

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