February 22, 2024

Orior-Ozolua People Stage Peaceful Protest To Palace Of Oba Of Benin

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…Appeals To Oba Ewuare II to come to their aids

By Simeon OSAJIE

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The elders and people of Orior-Ozolua community in Uhunmwonde local government area of Edo State have staged a peaceful protest to the Palace of Oba Ewuare II, the Oba of Benin Kingdom to register their grievances over  assault and other unpleasant activities of the Enogie of Orior Osemwende on Orior-Ozolua people.

Some of the placards read in parts, “Palace Is The Hope Of The Orior-Ozolua”, “Our Royal Majesty Please Come To Our Aid”, “Enogie Vincent Ohenzuwa Accept Palace Judgement”, “Enogie You Are Not Bigger Than The Palace Of The Oba Of Benin”,  “Leave Oba 500 by 500 amongst others.

Addressing the people of Orior-Ozolua community, Chief Obawonyi, the Esere of Benin kingdom  appreciated them for the peaceful  manner they conducted themselves and urged them to also go back peacefully as their petitions and all what they have said will be address by the Palace.

He however assured them that message will be sent to the Enogie for him to come over so that the issues will be resolved amicably and that they  should go back and go about their duties peacefully till the issue raised is resolved.

Speaking on behalf of the people of Orior-Ozolua at Palace,  the  Ozukpogieva (second in command) Pa.  Imafidon Edionwere said the Enogie, HRH Vincent Nosakhare Ohenzuwa who has penchant for amassing powers far and above him has been involved in activities capable of undermining the corporate existence of the Orior-Ozolua people and subverting the supremacy of the Benin royal throne.

He further pointed out that the Enogie has launched incessant attack on Orior-Ozolua through mayhem clinically executed by his hatchet boys  he use in the attack and perpetuating unlawful deeds in the village thereby causing untold hardship on the people and properties.

The Ozukpogieva noted that the said Enogie has assumed the position of a maximum ruler upon the death of the Enogie of Orior-Ozolua in 2019 and also through the force of arms, the said Enogie has made it impossible for the judgement that His Royal Majesty Oba Ewuare II pronounced in favour of Orior-Ozolua since 2019 to materialize, he also swore that he (Enogie) will never obey the Palace’s verdict.

Pa Imafidon Edionwere subsequently said the major angst the Enogie has against the people of Orior-Ozolua is their refusal to allow him to sell the 500 ft by 500 ft donated to the Benin Royal Palace adding that they were privy to the donation of the said land to the Palace by his late father, when the signpost was erected in 2007 though the donation was much earlier.

He posited that the said Enogie of Osemwende supervised the erection of the signpost signifying the area of land as supervised by the then Ohen osa of Holy Aruosa Cathedral, Harrison Okao adding that the said Enogie Osemwende has sold the said land to unsuspecting buyers whom the people of Orior-Ozolua have resisted from developing on behalf of our Royal Majesty and also he has entered into Orior-Ozolua land.

He also pointed out that as part of the agreement reached with the Azura Power Nigeria Limited towards corporate social responsibility, the road from Uteh through to the Benin bye-pass was to be constructed by the company, but the Enogie of Orior Osemwende, by the fact that it will pass through Orior-Ozolua community deterred them from constructing same and threatened to cut all ties with the company if they construct the said road, the whole area is thus plunged into disrepair and undermining the development of our majesty’s domain.

Also speaking one of the elders, Prince Charles Ogie-Orior lamented the hardships and the unwarranted assault they have been going through in the hands of the Enogie of Orior Osemwende, HRH. Vincent Nosakhare Ohenzuwa and since they are peace loving people, they had to cry to the Palace of the great Oba of Benin Kingdom, Oba Ewuare II for respite.

Amongst the elders that joined in the protest were Prince Charles Ogie Orior, the Ozukpogiene and Ozukpogieisen, the women of the community came in their numbers and the youths led by the Okaighele, Mr. Osasere Egharevba.

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