July 15, 2024
Message Of Appreciation !!!

Martins Azekhumen Okoukoni

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Greetings to the Royal Fathers of Edo, men and women, the youths and the children of our great land. I want to especially appreciate my family, elders and young people of my village, the Martins Okoukoni 2024 campaign group and all of my supporters both home and abroad. I appreciate you all.

The idea to run for the post of governor in my State Edo came after a social analysis, physical view, assessment of the welfare of our people, demographic analysis and political instabilities impacting the collective living standard of our people and wondering about the psychological trauma that would persist unidentified but systematically determine the behaviour of the people, then I immediately step up in an emergency to rescue our people from political businessmen and women without the fear of God and humanity.

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My resignation from PDP to the Labour Party was born out of the social ideological identity for a Labour Party movement around the World because the name Labour Party identifies with the labour force of every nation hence I assumed it was attainable in the Nigeria Labour Party.

My consultation was a practical experience, and I have learnt, henceforth that the name of the party is not the problem of Nigeria but the people of Nigeria in the party.

Therefore, I concurred from my experience, that the need for a social campaign to redefine the mindset of Nigerians and reshape our hearts, and our minds for an intervention and decision-making that puts our interest in the growth and development of Nigeria first before a selfish desire is imminent.

From a perspective point of view, the majority of Nigerians are against the minority that wants the Nation to grow and develop.

As a man from the field, I’m grateful to God for giving me the strength to participate in the Edo State 2024 Governorship race and I appreciate everyone for your prayers and sacrifice.

Due to the “Pay as you go” style of political engagement witnessed by the Labour Party, I’m therefore unable to work with the present administration and its candidates.

Because we must henceforth resume a process that cleans our nation from transactional leaders to transformational leaders, from my self-assessment, I know my style is transformational leadership and do not intend to sell my birthright and identity for a pot of porridge.

To my supporters, please support any candidate that represents what you desire from a future in Edo State because, in the end, we are all working for the best of our Land and making decisions for a better future for our children.

God bless Edo State,
God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Thank you and God bless.

Martins A. Okoukoni
Former Governorship Aspirant Edo State.

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