June 25, 2024

Commissioning: Obaseki Says PHEOC Will Serve As Hub For Health Situational Awareness, Others

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By Simeon OSAJIE

Edo State Governor Mr. Godwin Obaseki said the newly commissioned Public Health Emergency Operation Center (PHEOC), Benin City will serve as a hub for health situational awareness, daily epidemiologist intelligence gathering, risk analysis of emergency events of public health importance which are needed for decisions making.

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The governor spoke after the U. S. Consul General Commission, Will Stevens commission PHEOC at Palm House, along Sapele Road in Benin City, Edo State.

He said the center is an initiative that underscores his administration’s sustainer efforts to strengthen Institutions as a whole particularly health Institution for real time emergency and disease management in the State.

“It will also serve as a hub for health situational awareness, daily epidemiologist intelligence gathering, risk analysis of emergency events of public health importance which are needed for decisions making.

“This center was an initiative that underscores our sustainer efforts as a government to strengthen our Institutions as a whole but in particular our health institution for real time emergency and disease management in our State.

“A couple of weeks ago, we did launch the emergency response centers where we are training emergency responders to deal emergency situation which they find in their Communities”.

Going further, Governor Obaseki added that as a State his administration has put in place strategy to respond to any emergency in the State like it did against COVID 19, Lassa fever and other diseases.

“This center is set up to effectively respond and coordinate public health emergencies and to ensure adequate surveillance data on disease conditions expecially those priority diseases we are tracking in Edo State, also other emerging and re-emerging diseases.

“Institutions such as this is critical in managing crisis especially making data readily available to study trends and prepare for response in terms of emergencies.

“Edo State Emergency public Health Operation Center was set up in 2020 during COVID 19 after several months of pain staking work, by myself, NCDC, USAID and was declared opened by the then Director General of NCDC, Dr. Chikwe Ihekwuazu, his work during COVID 19 is acknowledged and this led to set the foundation for this Institution today.

“The present integrated public health emergency operation center arose from the need to strengthen event based surveillance for early case detection, and improved response to public health events in general.

“This upgrade required installation of State of the arts equipment, visualization tools and dashboard for informed decisions making which was supported by Edo State government, USIAD and other implement partners in the State”.

Obaseki said that his administration has re-build the Edo State School of Nursing, re-accredited it and now one of the best in Nigeria. He added that the School of Health Technology is been rebuilt presently in the State as it will be re-accredited and make it one of the best in Nigeria.

He noted that his administration is focusing on building the manpower, capacity required of those that will work and sustain the health Institution in Edo State.

The governor noted that his administration has connected over 64 main Primary Healthcare Centers with fiber to bring health closer to our people.

The U. S. Consul General, Will Stevens said it’s important to keep our children and family safe and wants to thank the governor for this facility.

“It’s the job of a government to take care of its people. This facility is a great symbol of democracy delivered by responding to the need of the people and making the people happier and safer.

“We the United States government are so greatful for the health partnership we have with the Nigerian people for nearly 25 years. This facility speaks to the incredible work of Nigeria partners, health Communities.

In his welcome address the Commissioner for Health, Dr. Samuel Alli said the center will serve as a nerve center facilitating real time communication and data sharing amongst health professionals Epidemiologist.

He noted that the facility is highly digitalized with technology which will help detect and response to health threat more efficiently and effectively.

“This facility presently serving Edo State is expected to serve the six States in the South-South geo-political Zones until all these states are activated their own PHEOC. This success will not have been possible without the support of Mr. Governor Godwin Obaseki. “This center has Fufilled the mission of heath of our people. This facility will specifically address public health emergency out breaks, like Lassa fever, COVID and the likes”.

Commissioner thanked the governor for his unwavering support for the making it one of the priority sector of his administration and the development of the health sector.

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