June 25, 2024

Community Elders Appeals To Oba Ewuare II For Confirmation, Approval Of Odionwere

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By Simeon OSAJIE

The Ozukpogieva (second in command) of Emuhu village, Pa Ehigie Edobor and other elders have appealed to His Royal Majesty, Omo N’Oba N’Edo, Uku Akpolokpolo, Oba Ewuare II CFR, for his confirmation and approval as the Odionwere of the village.

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Pa. Edobor made the appeal when he spoke to journalists on the issues of Odionwere position in the village and the alleged role played by the Okaighele (youth leader) of the village, having disrespect for the elders and doing things contrary to the traditional norms.

Pa. Ehigie Edobor said he is the Ozukpogieva (second in command) and  the most elderly man in  Emuhu village, Uhunmwonde Local Government Area of Edo State and according to the traditional practice of the people in Benin Kingdom, he is supposed to be the Odionwere being the most elderly in the village.

He pointed out that after five years of the exit of the immediate past Odionwere, he is yet to be installed as the approval has not come from the Palace of the great Oba of Benin kingdom.

He alleged that this is in spite of several invitations to the Oba Palace for his formal presentation and approval to be installed. But unfortunately, each time they are invited they would end up not being attended to by those whose responsibility it is to do so, he complained.

The prevailing situation, he alleged, has given the opportunity to the Okaighele (youths leader) Joseph Enaruna to seize the powers and authority of the office of the Odionwere and he now unilaterally dictates the affairs of the people.

One of the four ranking elders, Elder William Edobor also speaking corroborated the narrative of Pa. Ehigie Edobor saying they would not understand why they are not being attended to at the palace.

Allegedly, another native of Emuhu community who prefer to be anonymous said due to the absence of a substantive Odionwere in the village, Okaighele (youths leader) Joseph Enaruna presides over meetings, chooses which elder to align with and often slam fines of all manners on the people including the elderly at will.

Consequently, many persons including the elders have abandoned the village and no longer participate in meetings saying they can no longer be taking orders from a young man who ordinarily is supposed to be running errands for them.

The people lament that the situation in Emuhu village is becoming a jungle where there is lawlessness and survival of the fittest.

They however added that they suspect Okaighele Enaruna is behind the situation which they described as unfortunate,  as he is doing all he can to see that the Odionwere is not installed.

Pa. Edobor and his people appealed to the Benin Monarch His Royal Majesty, Oba Ewuare II for intervention and would be happy for the reversal of the situation.

Meanwhile a call put through to Mr. Joseph Enaruna on the alleged allegations, he denied that there was no such thing happening in Emuhu village but rather he has been at the forefront to see that the Odionwere gets approved for installation at the Palace, as he is always at the Palace to that effect.

Also speaking the Elder’s Secretary of the village, Mr. Uwadiae Omo Osemwengie said the allegations that  Joseph Enaruna preciously referred to as the Okaighele was doing things contrary to the progress of the village or parading himself as CDA was not true but an attempt to tarnish his good name having served the people meritoriously.

He added that they are patiently waiting for the approval of his installation from His Royal Majesty, Oba Ewuare II CFR.

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