May 18, 2024

Mother Of One Trapped In Web Of Deadly Cult Group For Lesbianism, Seeks Safety


Ifeoluwapo Mary Folorunsho

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A young lady, a mother of one, Ifeoluwapo Mary Folorunsho is on the run to save herself as a result of threats to life by some deadly cult members who are after her and her friend for their alleged involvement in lesbianism., pub-3120625432113532, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Trouble was said to have started for the young lady Ifeoluwapo Mary Folorunsho and her ex-roommate, Esther Elewode who was said to be a sister to one Seun Elewode, head of a notorious and dreaded cult group, the Black Axe (Aye) Confraternity.

According to a close source who spoke to our correspondent and pleaded anonymity said the ladies were caught in the abominable act in their apartment and were beaten up, disgraced and subjected to inhuman treatment by the mob which included some popular members of the deadly Eiye confraternity of which one of the members named Jimoh Okewole who had always made advances towards Esther Elewode but she always shut him down every time because the said guy belongs to a rival confraternity as her brother .

The source further added that the said Jimoh Okewole became furious and jealous positing that she was the reason her friend did not accept his proposal to be his girlfriend a development which made him develop hatred for her and threatened to deal with her, she became frightened and ran to Benin City from Lagos.

Continuing, the source pointed out that while in Benin City, the said Ifeoluwapo Mary Folorunsho was happy and safe for some time before she got herself involved again with another lover (lesbian) called Stephanie not knowing the said girl (Stephanie) had a fiancé, but when the said Stephanie informed her fiancé that she was no longer interested that she was dating another person which was lesbian mate, that again caused another problem for her.

“With the problem and disgrace she ran to Ibadan the Oyo State capital from Benin City and fortunately for her she secured a job with a multinational cigarette company, thinking her ordeals were over, She (Ifeoluwapo) ran into the same young man, Jimoh, who was initially her friend’s boyfriend in Lagos state when she went to a park to relax, she became very scared and ran home”, the source said.

He subsequently noted that still frightened after running home, she was informed by her neighbor that the said Jimoh in the deadly Eiye cult confraternity came to look for her which made her to be very apprehensive, afraid and confused, especially when again when she was been tailed by unknown persons in car.

Narrating further the source disclosed that, after some time, some boys came to her apartment and brutally raped her but she was able to recognized that the boys that came to rape her were members of the dreaded cult group and the said Jimoh was part of them, she was admitted in the hospital for some days, for seeing that her life was not safe any longer she ran to meet her lover’s brother one Seun Elowode who was the kingpin of a rival cult (Black Axe) in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

The source added that after narrating her ordeals to the said Seun Elowode, he was infuriated and went after the said boys and members of the rival cult that raped her for revenge but he was however killed in the process and since the saga has become a full scale cult war which has led to the death of over 40 people across Ibadan, Lagos, Benin City and Abeokuta and as her only hope for protection and safety has been killed she has no alternative than to run for her dear life.

However when the correspondent sought to know about her whereabouts, the source disclosed that nobody has any clue of where she might be, even the father to her daughter’s whereabouts is unknown for fear also of being attacked by said cult members.

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