April 17, 2024

Threat To Life: Family Cries Out, Seek Protection For Frank Ajoro


Frank Ajoro

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…As Edo Police Command declares Frank Ajoro wanted over an alleged of being a gun runner, homosexuality


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The family of late Victor Ajoro of Uwalor, Uromi, Esan North-East local government area of Edo State have cried out over the threat to life of their son, Frank Ajoro whose whereabouts is unknown to them.

According to the spokesperson of the family, Mr. Odion Ayere who resides at No. 3, First East Circular Road, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, the threat to life of his cousin, Frank Ajoro is occasioned by his refusal to be initiated into the dreaded Ogboni Confraternity and become the custodian of the village’s shrine (JuJu) and as such he will be regarded as the head of the village council of elders which is against his Christian religion.

“These spiritual powers (JUJU POWER) and position are hereditary (father to son) no matter the age of that first son after the demise of his father, these includes going through a juju ritual rite which also involves human sacrifice and other barbaric activities in order to take over the position of the deceased father,” he added.

Going further, Mr. Odion Ayere added: “Sometime in November, 2005 Frank Ajoro lost his mother, Late Mrs. Margaret Ajoro who was killed in a car accident which was strongly believed was a targeted spiritual attack from the village JUJU power. It was also believed that, it was also the cause of the untimely mysterious death of his uncle (his father younger brother) in the village and other untimely deaths in the family and village at large, because all the people associated to the JUJU always die in one mysterious way or the other.

“Frank Ajoro later lost his father (Mr. Victor Ajoro) on the 7th of January, 2006 after suffering an attack to his leg, which never healed and was ultimately the cause of his untimely death and the burial rites were performed by members of the Ogboni Confraternity and the village elders since he was part of them before his death.

“After 3 days upon the demised of his father, my cousin (Frank Ajoro) was contacted to come and inherit the position of his late father, being that he is the first son, and be initiated into the dreaded Ogboni Confraternity, but he vehemently rejected the offer due to the fact that he is already aware of the processes/ritual rites involves in taking that position, and due to the warnings of his mother before her demise, stating that it’s totally against his belief as a Christian, but the village elders keep insisting that he must come and attain the position of his late father since he is the first son, and was threatening to kill him and wiped out our family from the village if he doesn’t accept to take the position.”

He added: “After 3 weeks of his refusal to perform the rites to take over headship of  the Juju, some of the village elders accompanied by some other group of boys (youths) came looking for Frank Ajoro in the house and was forcefully taken away and was locked up for days and after threats and torture, he (Frank) accepted to inherit the Juju and requested to take his bath and ran away in the process of doing that, but some of the village elders and the boys (youth) chased him into the compound with gun and machetes, fortunately, he manage to escaped by scaling the fence at the back of the house. The youth got mad and started shooting into the air threatening to kill him wherever he was seen, that no matter how long it will take them, that it was a promise and ever since then he has not return home and his whereabouts still couldn’t be ascertain as at the time.” Mr. Ayere said the village elders later reported him to the police, accusing him of being a gun runner and was into homosexuality according to their accusations, Mr. Friday who claimed to have helped him flee the town, that he has committed abomination in the village that the police should help look for him and bring him back to the village to come and atone for the abomination he has allegedly committed.

While declaring Frank Ajoro wanted over allegations levelled against him by elders of his community that he is a run runner and homosexuality, the Edo State Police Command through the Police PPRO, SP Chidi Nwabuzor appealed to general public or anybody with useful information to his whereabouts to contact office of the PPRO, Edo State Police Command or any nearest police station.

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