April 13, 2024

2023: PRP Will Repeat MKO Abiola’s Presidential Feat, Says Kola

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By Simeon OSAJIE

Kola Abiola, the presidential candidate of the People’s Redemption Party (PRP), said in Abuja on Wednesday that the party would win the 2023 presidential election.

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Kola, son of the late Moshood Abiola, popularly called MKO, said that the victory of the PRP would be synonymous with that of his late father in the elections of June 12, 1993.

He made the remarks as he and the party’s gubernatorial candidates received their Certificates of Return from party president, Falalu

Abiola, who noted that 2023 will mark 30 years since his late father won the presidential election, said “there will be a repeat in 2023.”

“It reminds me of 1993.  A lot of people came out for the first time to vote for MKO.  We’re going to have a repeat of that in 2023.

“If we can win it then, we should win it now,” he said.

He said that the most important role the PRP would play in the general election would be to serve as a bridge for the current generation of young Nigerians.

“We are going to bring the younger generation into politics, governance and leadership.

“I call on young people to consider us the vehicle of change; we must make sure that in the next election, we have the highest voter turnout.

“With this, we will make their voices and numbers count,” he assured.

Mer. Abiola urged the party’s gubernatorial candidates to ensure that y0oung people obtain their Permanent Voter Card (PVC).

“This is the only party that does not have taxes; we will use that to build the future of Nigeria.

We are a national party. To everyone’s surprise, we had 3,625, delegates in the primary elections.

“We are present in all areas of local government; we have 22 candidates running for Governor and we have over 500 candidates running for various other positions across the country.

“In the history of the PRP, this is the largest to date,” he boasted.

Cross River PRP gubernatorial candidate, Usani Usani urged the electorate to “assess who they want and vote for the person regardless of party.

“There are not two great parties as is insinuated in some sectors.  Nigeria has 18 registered political parties, all of which are active.

“I think PRP has what it takes to run this country,” he emphasized.

Previously, Bello said that the PRP is ready to offer leadership at all levels.

“We can compete with all parties to give the nation a new lease of life and our candidates will win in free and fair election,” she stressed.

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