May 20, 2024

Restrain From Further Belittling PDP Image In Edo, APC Warns Gov. Obaseki’s Media Aide 

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The Edo State chapter of All Progressive Congress (APC) has advised the Special Adviser to Edo State Governor on Media Projects, Crusoe Osagie to restrained himself from making public statements which will further demeaned the battered image of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) which is almost now near non-existent in Edo State., pub-3120625432113532, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Crusoe’s statement earlier stated that APC in the state is staging a feeble comeback to the public space to pollute the air with their lies and poorly-crafted falsehoods, noting that the failed party cannot lies its way to electoral victory in the 2023 presidential elections.

Part of the statement issued and signed by the State Publicity Secretary of APC, Prince Peter Uwadiae-Igbingie reads, “The APC Edo State Chapter’s and the good people of Edo State now liken the vituperation of Mr. Crusoe Osagie, the acclaimed Special adviser to the governor on Media as that of a drowning man whose survival is dependent on any available straw at his disposal.

“It is instructive to note that Mr. Crusoe Osagie has taken delight in continually misinforming and standing on the pedestal of aggrandizement and political grandstanding in encapsulating the poor state of governance of his mere political relevant governor of Edo State Godwin Obaseki.

“Crusoe Osagie should know that the pot of porridge that he is served by the rotten Government of Godwin Obaseki cannot atone for the pains that his unsavory voice has cause Edo people.

Crusoe Osagie should now know that his cholera and diarrhea infested pen can no longer report issues that will positively move the Edo people, as they now known better.

“His attempt to stand on the supposed corridor of truth to mislead the conscious and enlightened Edo people is now in the public domain and properly documented.

“Has Crusoe Osagie shot his computer against the well documented disenchantment of the State Executive Committee of the party he represent (PDP) which culminated in the well-advertised press release authorized by the State Vice Chairman Hon. Omagbon and the State Secretary Mr. Hillary Otsu and the Chairmen of the eighteen Local Government chapters of their party, the PDP to the effect that they rejected the list of the State Campaign Council and the reason for the rejection is that they abhorred the secrecy surrounding the shambolic visit of their Embattled presidential Candidate to Edo State come 22nd October, 2022.

“It will do Crusoe Osagie personal and political good if he restrained from making public statements which further demeaned the battered image of the party (PDP) which is almost now near non-existent in Edo State.”

Going further, the statement added, “Not too long ago, the battered pen of Crusoe Osagie went berserker when he unsuccessfully tried to defend the Government of Godwin Obaseki over the illegal demolition of over 150 houses in Obazagbon, Okeoroma, Irhirhi Communities, which by the unfolding actions and statement of the Commissioner for Communications and Orientation Edo State, Mr. Chris Osa Nehikhare justifies the claim of APC that the demolition was illegal and that the Governor Obaseki led Edo State Government and his co-travelers are the Land grabbers, Otherwise how as you situate the fact that the Edo State Government claimed to have acquired the land is 2017 will today be conducting verification and investigation of those who are affected by the demolition for compensation.

“Does this not negate the well-established legal maxim Quic Quid plantatur Solo. Solo Credit (what is on the land form part of the land) and the notorious principles of Bona fide claim of right which would have excused the Government of any compensation to anybody who trespassed unto the land that is in peaceable and quiet possession of the owner.

“The uncoordinated explanation offered by the Commissioner for Communication and Orientation, that it was after the construction of the Irhirhi, Obazaghon, Obagie Road in 2019-2020 that people started trespassing on the Land. That will therefore mean that the people entered the Land after Government has acquired same. Then Why the purposed compensation, if the people entered the land after government had acquired same? That ordinarily would have made the people not entitled to compensation as they would have been treated as trespassers.

“The government move to compensate the people justifies the peoples claim that they are the real owners of the land. We the APC salute the unconscious disposition of the Commissioner for Communication for telling the Edo people that the state Government is a Land grabber.

“So, we must remind Mr. Crusoe Osagie that the Edo people are not unaware of the unholy move by the Governor to hoodwink the Civil Servants to suffocate themselves in the in the muddy waters of politics by making the Heads of Ministries, Parastatals to deploy them to the stadium on Saturday 22nd October, 
2022 for their party (PDP) presidential rally.

“We challenge Crusoe Osagie to stand on the corridor of truth to deny the moves by the Edo State to buying people in other political parties, Market Women, Civil Servants with paltry sum of N5, 000,00 (five thousand Naira) and wrappers for the purpose of the flooding the venue of the event as if they are members of the PDP, a move to cover up the dwindling fortune of the party (PDP) in the State.

“Mr. Crusoe Osagie should know that the Governor Obaseki led Government in Edo has danced naked in the market of public opinion to the extent that the rot in government and governance stinks to the corpses in the mortuary in Benin and beyond.

“We are convinced that the Edo people knew the party that had affected their lives positively which is the APC and they should choose wisely in the next elections.

“The outcome of the visit of their embattled presidential candidate which has been enmeshed in crisis is already imagined no matter the pretense of Crusoe Osagie and his co-travelers.

“We greatly salute the resilience of our people and sued for its sustenance.”

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