May 29, 2024

2023: Gov Obaseki, Enemy Of The Nigerian Nation – APC

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…APC Either Living In Another Planet Or Require Psychiatric Evaluation Over Obaseki’s Take On The Party’s Fate – Crusoe

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The All Progressive Congress (APC), Edo State chapter has labeled Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State as enemy of the Nigerian nation; fanning the ember of divisiveness ahead of the 2023 general election.

In a statement by the spokesperson of the party, Peter Enoserogbe Uwadiae Igbinigie Esq. and made available to newsmen on Tuesday in Benin City, describing Governor Obaseki’s outburst has treasonable, adding that Obaseki poor knowledge of the tenets of democratic tendencies and practices; underlined by his wobbling governance in Edo State.

Obaseki during swearing in of the PDP Campaign Management Council on Monday, said the country would disintegrate if the ruling APC wins the 2023 general election.

Hence Nigerians, must examine their head to vote the Party’s Presidential candidate: Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu in the election, amongst other crippling criticisms.

According to the statement, “Obaseki’s outburst that Nigeria will break if the APC Presidential candidate: Senator Asiwaju Bola Tinubu wins the election in 2023, is the most unguided and intellectually bereft statement to have come from any person, sitting in the corridor of governance in a democratic nation like Nigeria.

“What temerity and audacity does Governor Godwin Obaseki possesses to speak of a man who transformed and gave Lagos a road map to economic and political prosperity in the comity of States, despite the proclivity and inclinations of the Olusegun Obasanjo led PDP Federal Government?

“Obaseki by his statement has invoked a dire need for a political and legal examination of all the non-democratic policies, he has foisted on Edo people.

“From the ceaseless borrowing without any corresponding effect on the economy of the State; to the monumental destruction of known legacies of Edo State.”

The APC said Obaseki’s outburst has only exposed  his short memory; having vigorously campaigned for the Party only three years ago, at both the State and Federal level, eulogizing the positive impacts of Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu in Lagos political template.

The Party wonder therefore; why the Governor has “summersaulted into political misfit and barrenness, preaching divisiveness; a treasonable act with perilous consequences to a sovereign nation like Nigeria.”

“Having read Classics; the Governor does not possess the educational capacity to appreciate the economic variables; that determine the strength of any country’s currency in the competitive global market.

“Let Obaseki be told that the bargaining strength of the nation in the global market, is not only measured by the printing of the currency as he claimed, but a combination of other basic economic factors prevailing globally,” APC argued.

The Party pointed out, hence advanced Nations of the world like the United Kingdom, are not absolved of the prevailing global economic crisis with Nigeria’s case not peculiar.

Just like world leaders aspiring to the position of authority reassured of better days, same way, “Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu is exuding the unparelled confidence that when elected as President, he shall steer the ship to the shores of economic sufficiency and progress.

Continuing, the Party asserts that the legacies of its Presidential candidate in Lagos, makes hollow Obaseki’s statement in a multi-party democracy of contestation; under a peaceful atmosphere devoid of rancour and frivolities.

It adds that the Governor’s outburst has only helped to further de-market his troubled People Democratic Party (PDP) amongst the people, in Edo State.

“As they are better enlightened and have unending regards for a united and indivisible Nigeria.”

The APC consequently called on the Federal Government to beam its security search light on Governor Obaseki and his Party: (PDP) “as there is the great tendency for them to cause havoc before, during, and after the election.”

Also, it called on Nigerians particularly Edo people, to ignore the Governor’s statement as they are unguided, politically inconsequential and intellectually frail; to vote for Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu as President, and the APC in all the elections come 2023.

In his reaction, Special Adviser on Media Projects to Edo State Governor, Crusoe Osagie said, “the All Progressives Congress (APC) and its minions are either living in another planet or require psychiatric evaluation over their attempt to fault Governor Godwin Obaseki’s factual and honest assessment of the state of the nation and the dreadful fate that awaits Nigerians should the party somehow find their way to the Aso Rock Villa in 2023.

“The party’s gang of hirelings, including a once-upon-a-time human rights activist continue to pollute the public space with their foul and distasteful takes on the governor’s comment while failing to properly read the room to know that the Governor spoke the mind of majority of Nigerians who have in the last 7 years been impoverished by the APC’s disastrous misrule.

“What part of the call for reawakening by Governor Godwin Obaseki is the APC and their minions calling to question? Are Nigerian’s not victims of the party’s calamitous handling of the country’s affairs, which has today made the country the poverty capital of the world, with a disarticulate economy, excruciating debt burden and a hapless population pushing their way through insecure communities, dilapidated road network, among other failings.”

Going further, the SA on Media Projects added, “When in April, 2021, Governor Obaseki raised the alarm that the Federal Government was printing money to run the economy and warned that if such practices continued, the Naira was heading to N1000 to $1 as against the rate of N500 to $1 at that time, APC and their lackeys screamed blue murder, playing the ostrich and denying the obvious. But today, what does $1 exchange against the Naira? Is N800 to $1 not equivalent to the warning the governor issued about a year ago?

“The inflation rate is at an all-time high and the price of staples such as rice, which sold for about N8000 for a 50kg bag during the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) era today hovers around N40,000 to N45,000 for the same quantity, and is out of the reach of the country’s poor masses. 

“The failure of the APC to guarantee oil production has left the country’s finances in dire straits. Under the APC-led government, Nigeria has been incapable of selling crude oil in the international market because of its inability to curb crude theft. The country is now almost missing in the international oil market as a result of the party’s mishandling of Nigeria’s oil assets.

“Nigerians can no longer travel from Benin to Lagos, Kaduna to Abuja, Benue to Borno or Abuja to Niger because of the state of insecurity in the country, which the APC has taken to unprecedented levels.

“Under the supervision of the APC, bandits drove Nigerians away from their farms and the roads. When Nigerians sought solace in train trips, the bandits also laid siege to the Abuja-Kaduna line and held hundreds of innocent Nigerians hostage and at the mercy of terrorists who killed many in their ferocious attack on the train. The party failed in its fundamental role of protecting Nigerians, who have all now resorted to feeble self-help in protection of their families and whatever is left of their personal belongings.

“We know that the Minister of State for Labour and Productivity, Festus Keyamo has spent too much time on the dining table with the APC government of the day, feasting and fattening. He is now totally deaf to the plight of the people, who he once pretended to defend as a human rights activist. We want to remind him that not everyone has been stunned into insensitivity by largesse as has been his case.

“Without any equivocation, we want to state in full support of His Excellency, Governor Godwin Obaseki, that Nigerians must by any means necessary stop the APC at the ballot from getting to Aso Rock to prevent the unfortunate decent to a failed state.”

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