April 17, 2024

Supreme Court Verdict: Edo South PDP Candidates Call For Unity Among Aggrieved Members

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By Simeon OSAJIE

The National and State Assemblies candidates of the Edo South of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has called on aggrieved members of the party to shield swords and embrace peace so as to come out victorious during the forthcoming elections.

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Speaking on behalf of the candidates at a press briefing in Benin City, the Edo South Senatorial candidate of the party, Hon. Mathew Iduoriyekemwen said it is time for aggrieved members to shield their swords and come together so that all the candidates of the party in the Edo South come out victorious.

According to  Iduoriyekemwen, “Following the trend of things of the events that happen, you will agree with me that the judiciary has been consistent, from the High Court to the Supreme Court verdicts.

“The judiciary has continued to maintain their positions that the issues of the nomination of any party candidates rest solemn on the leadership of any political party, and it is not a matter for the court to dabble into.

“This has further reassured all the political parties that conducting party primaries is not just an exercise they would do but ensure that members should respect the guideline and the process, not trying to jettison the process through the back door and try to manipulate the judiciary to become party candidates.”

Hon.  Iduoriyekemwen  who is the Edo South Senatorial District candidate of the PDP, said the recent pronouncement by the Supreme Court on several cases has shown that the final authority that decide who the candidates of the political party is the political party itself.

“We commend the judges in the Supreme Court, we thanked them, at least, there is peace now in the land.

“For our brothers and sisters who are still in the “other side”, PDP is one family, and we want to appeal to them that there must be an end to litigation and they have to come and join hands with us so that we can face the common enemy, that is the other political parties, most especially, the APC that has taken Nigeria to her kneels, and the country is unable to survive in all segments of life. Is it security or economic? Where will one say the APC government has done well? Nothing to write home about in terms of achievements in APC led federal government. This is an opportunity for us as a party to come together to rescue Nigeria which is the mission of the PDP now, so as to put Nigeria back on track.”

Going further, Hon. Matthew Iduoriyekemwen commended some aspirants who were part of the litigation processes who openly went to the Supreme Court to withdraw their cases. He appreciated them and encourages others to take a cue from them so that the party can come together as one big family that the party is known for.

“I also want to commend some of the aspirants who were part of the litigation processes, like some of them who openly went to the Supreme Court and withdrew the cases. We have taken the fight and the Supreme Court has decided and the fight ends here.

“I want to appreciate them and want to encourage others to take a cue from them so that we all can come together as one big family that we have always being and continue to do what we known best to do in Edo State by selling our party to the good people and at the end of the day we all will come out victorious.

“I, also, on behalf of my brothers and sisters here, I mean other PDP candidates from Edo South Senatorial District wish to commend His Excellency, the governor of Edo State, Mr. Godwin Obaseki who has shown so much maturity and magnanimity in dealing with all these matters and has done his best in trying to reach out to everybody who has genuine concern, not just for the PDP but for Edo State because Edo State is the only state we can call ours.

“And for Edo state to make progress, we must salute Mr. Godwin Obaseki for his shown of leadership. And also our Edo State Party Chairman, Dr. Tony Aziegbemi who in all of these  has continued to maintain a very modest approach to relating with all party members.

“We all appreciate and we say by the grace of God, now that we are still in the days of the elections, we know that our victory is clear, and is getting closer and we are very very sure and hopeful that PDP will win the elections come February 25 and other subsequent election in Edo State,” he assured.


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