April 19, 2024

Man Kills Pregnant Wife On Day She Was To Give Birth

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A woman has narrated how a man identified as Obinna allegedly beat his wife known as Chinyere and her unborn baby to death.

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According to the woman who happens to be their neighbor, there was a day the husband beat his wife that she quickly rushed to the landlord’s apartment for safety.

The neighbor added that Chinyere instructed the little girl staying with them never to reveal how her husband has been beating her to her parents.

The9jaTREND reporter further revealed that Chinyere was eight months pregnant at the time her husband beat her to death.

On the day Chinyere was due for delivery, the husband went to her parent’s house to pick her up in a bid to transport her to the hospital. Chinyere decided to obey him as a dutiful wife.

On getting to the hospital, the doctor claims that Chinyere and her baby arrived in good health. So, the doctor instructed her to go bring her bag and get ready for delivery in the evening. So, Chinyere and her husband went to their house.

Unfortunately for her, an altercation erupted between her husband and herself  because of money which led him to brutally beat her, and after she collapsed, he abandoned her. He switched off his phone and ran away from the scene.

Chinyere was abandoned by her husband and every effort to reach them on the phone was not successful. A few hours later, the husband went back to the house at about 4:30pm and rushed Chinyere to the hospital. He refused to report the incident to Chinyere’s parents.

He refused to rush her to the hospital in time so that she won’t be resuscitated and had the opportunity to narrate the incident to her parent. He didn’t inform the parents of the incident even though the hospital she passed away was very close to her parent’s house.

At about 8:30pm when she died, Obinna then went to the house of her parent to inform them about her death. After questioning the doctor and her siblings, it was confirmed that Chinyere was rushed to the hospital when she nearly died.

In a bid to rescue her baby, the doctor conducted a cesarean session but it all ended up in vain.

The story of Chinyere is similar to what millions of Nigerian women were passing through in their marriage and decided to conceal their pains from their families and loved ones because of societal acceptance.

Many women now act like they are happy in their marriage even though they are suffering.

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