February 22, 2024

Group Applauds Community Head, Elders Over Resolution Of Land Tussle

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By Simeon OSAJIE

The Odionwere, elders and people of Iyowa Community in Ovia North-East Local Government Area of Edo State have been commended for the peaceful resolution of the land tussle with the leadership of the Ifesowapo (Yoruba) Butchers Union Benin City, Edo State capital.

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The leadership of the union led by the Chairman, Mr. Timinu  Alamu and Vice Chairman, Abdukareem Oyibidu made the commendation while speaking to the newsmen on the  resolution of the land tussle between the union and the community.

They said the land tussle which resulted to a lot of controversies and have been lingering for more than eleven years now was finally resolved and put to rest  by the present Odionwere, Pa Samson Ederaro Obazee and the elders of Iyowa community.

While expressing appreciation to the Odionwere, Pa Samson Ederaro Obazee and the elders for the amicable resolution of the land problem and showing them another land, Mr. Timinu Alamu and Abdukareem Oyibidu on behalf of the Ifesowapo Yoruba Butchers Union appealed to the Odionwere for the speed up of the process of getting the documents for them to commence development.

The Chairman of the Ifesowapo Yoruba Butchers Union, Mr. Timinu Alamu added that  “if there is any way the union has offended the Odionwere, elders and people of Iyowa community ,they should please forgive them”.

They also used the occasion to thank His Royal Majesty, Oba Ewuare II for his fatherly disposition to the Yorubas in the state and the security agencies who prevail on both parties on the issues of the land tussle to be resolved amicably.

Also speaking, Mr. Festus Igbinowahia an indigene of Iyowa Community, observed that the issue of the land problem which created so much attention has been resolved and parties involved reconciled.

He pointed out that the present Odionwere of the community remain committed to the growth and development of the community and enjoined members of the public to note and respect the commitment of the Odionwere.

It will be recalled that the land tussle generated a lot of controversies to the effect that it resulted to series of legal battle and also attracted the attention of the traditional authorities and the security agencies, which now prevailed on the issues and finally resolved amicably.

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