July 15, 2024

‘We’re Being Used For Domestic Work’ – Female Immigration Officers

‘We’re Being Used For Domestic Work’ – Female Immigration Officers
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By Simeon OSAJIE

Some angry personnel of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) in Ekiti State have accused top officials of the command who have turned them into domestic workers.

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They added that they have not been paid their allowances for the 2023 general elections.

“The election duty allowances, it was just a few people that were in all the states. Most of us female officials were asked to write our details down and it has been sent to the headquarters since but we have not heard anything, so definitely they aren’t ready to pay the rest

“Secondly, there is this annoying thing happening here in Ekiti command, for some of us female officers working at the comptroller and other top officials’ homes.

“Guard duty implies securing the premises but for years now, the female officers’ duties have turned to house help work. We now cook, sweep and wash those ‘oga’ (bosses’) clothes.

“This rubbish has been going on for years now. It started when the last comptroller was here but the key officers at the command who were supposed to talk and change the system didn’t do anything about it probably because they also collect from the budget meant for housemaids and domestic workers.

“Ideally, there is a special allowance for cooks, cleaners and others that are meant to be employed by the command but they now prefer using female officers and the headquarters isn’t aware of this,” one of the female personnel told journalists.

They further called on Wura-Ola Caroline Adepoju, the first female acting comptroller-general for the NIS to intervene and sanction top officials of the command involved in the abuse.

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