April 17, 2024

Imansuagbon Celebrates Nigeria @ 61

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As we celebrate our great country Nigeria I, Kenneth Imansuangbon and family salute our beloved and revered nation.

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With great sense of belonging and the overwhelming joy associated with our survival from the deadly. Covid 19.and insecurity that bedeviled our country in recent times,on behalf of my family i congratulate Nigerians as our country clocks 61.

As we witness our unique nation’s Independence today we need to take into consideration the numerous development amidst the general insecurity faced by Nigerians and dwindling economy occasioned by intense and criminal corruption.

The unemployment,hunger,high cost of living and administ rative impunity resulting from administrative recklessness from the part of the government.

We must shun division at this point and seek for peace and unity,place more priority on equality, equity,human capital and infrastructural development irrespective of region,status,ethnicity, religion and our political affiliation.

We must not fail to understand that as the nation gets older,so events and development gets different approaches to it’s success.In our quest for total freedom and utmost demand for the dividends of democracy and good governance,we must understand that the use of violence, impunity and force remains unpatriotic as we do not have any other place to call our own country other than NIGERIA.

To this effect,we must come together and collectively build the reputation of our country in an outside the shores of NIGERIA and continue to pray for our leaders and give them the needed support to ensure a successful administration.

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