April 13, 2024

ESAN SOUTH-EAST LG COUNCIL: The Compelling Need To Support/Nominate A Future Ready And Forward Thinking Council Chairman

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By Simeon OSAJIE

Local government council in Nigeria is arguably the most important tier of government. This is because it is the government that is closer to the people.

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On the strength of this reality, it is expected that good governance should commence from the Local government councils so as to allow for Accountability, Transparency and Citizen – centric governance model for the benefit of the people.

The dwindling global oil revenues as it affects the State and Local government councils has made most States as well as Local Government Councils in Nigeria to look inward in exploring areas on how to improve its Internally Generated Revenue (IGR).

In view of this reality, the same is true of Esan South-East Local Government Council. The good people of Esan South-East Local Government Council are looking inward in search of a Chairman that has the vision board to chart a new course of action for economic prosperity and recovery for the Local Government Council. 

In a nutshell, the people of Esan South East LG Council need a Chairman with the following traits/qualities and skills:

 *A Chairman that is future -Ready and Forward – Thinking.

*A tested and trusted Chairman that will harness available economic resources of the LG Council on the basis of Comparative advantage to productive use in line with the *MEGA vision of the Godwin Obaseki led administration.*

*A Council Chairman that is visionary,  committed, creative, innovative, selfless, intelligent, proactive,  dependable,  and dedicated.

*A Council Chairman that will not be Allocation- dependent but the one that has the  relevant skills to  improve Revenue for fiscal performance and in turn  expand the frontiers of Revenue generation without running foul of the State Uniformed and Harmonized Levies, Rates, Fees of the  Local Government Revenue administration laws.

The people of Esan South  East LG Council  need a Prudent Financial Manager who will  prioritize, rationalize and improve public expenditures to achieving  efficiency,  effectiveness, economy, value for Money,  transparency and accountability for the benefits of the people.

The people of Esan South East LG Council need a Chairman that is imbued with determination, commitment, energy, wisdom, Knowledge, integrity and vision to stand against all forms of abuse while at the same time become  a unifying factor between party Leaders, the people and good governance.


The good news is that the people have found all these qualities and skills  in one of their illustrious son – who has been tested and trusted over time. His name  is *Emmanuel Ehimare Okodugha, former Executive Director-Tax Compliance in Edo State Internal Revenue Service.*

They strongly believe that the choice of Emmanuel Ehimare Okodugha perfectly fit into the aforementioned traits and qualities.

The people believe that the choice of Emmanuel Okodugha as Chairmanship aspirant in Esan South East LG Council should not  be compromised on the altar of   primordial sentiments rooted in old and new PDP,  unit and ward structure but should be based on character, integrity,  competence and capacity to deliver good governance for the people of Esan South East LG Council .  

The good people of Esan South East LG Council believe that their Son – Emmanuel Ehimare Okodugha has all what it takes to redefine governance in Esan South East LG Council. 

They feel strongly that this is not the time to play politics with the future of the good people of Esan South East LG Council.


Emmanuel Ehimare Okodugha is a twenty- first century Tax Administrator,  Digital banking innovation minded Strategist,  Retail banking Strategist,  Certified Forensic Expert and Finance / Accounting professional.

A Chartered Accountant- Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria.(ÌCAN)- 2011

A Chartered Tax Administrator- Associate Member, Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN) – (2017)

Immediate past Executive Director-Tax Compliance- Edo state Internal Revenue Service (2017 – 2021)

Regional Coordinator- ebusiness sales and Retail,  Unity bank plc, Edo and Delta region-(2015 – 2017)

Regional Coordinator- ebusiness sales and Retail,  Skyebank,  now Polaris bank, Edo and Delta region-(2007 – 2015 )

A member-who  represented Accounting Constituency in Student Union Government (SUG) 1997


B.Sc – Accounting- Second Class Upper (1998/99) y of Benin (2003)

Harvard University -“John F. Kennedy School of Government , Boston- (2021)

In view of the outstanding credentials of Emmanuel Ehimare Okodugha, the people of Esan South East LG Council believe that Emmanuel Okodugha is a square peg in a square hole. This, however account for the reason for the clarion call to support his candidacy for the position of  Chairman – Esan South East LG Council.

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