April 13, 2024

People Of Ikhuen Oboh Appeals To IGP To Look Into Alleged Attempt By Officers To Frustrate Investigation On A Murder Case

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By Simeon OSAJIE

The Ohen, Elders and people of Ikhuen Oboh Village in Uhunwonde Local Government Area of Edo State have appealed to the Inspector General Of Police (IGP), Usman Alkali Baba to come to their aid and look into the alleged attempt by Force CID Abuja to frustrate investigation of a notorious suspect called Clement Guobadia and others who allegedly killed one Frank Eferi with AK-47 gun in presence of a police officer in Benin City, Edo State capital.

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The appealed was contained in a petition signed by Emmanuel Okonkwo Esq., Solicitor to the Chief Priest (Ohen) Efosa Aighobahi and Mr. Peter Eze Omorowa representatives of Ikhuen Oboh village and made available to the press.

They also expressed concern on the alleged nature of the investigation purported carried out by the Legal Department of the Force CID Abuja.

The petition pointed out that the useful credible evidence  that were established linking the suspects (Clement Guobadia and others) to the alleged killing of one Frank Eferi, the alleged findings of the said Homicide Department appears to be in consonance with all other reports and findings of other departments of the Nigerian Police Force who previously investigated the matter before it was transferred to Force CID Abuja.

The Solicited noted that, in the petition the matter was verify believe that the matter was further remitted to the legal session of Force CID Abuja but it is however being alleged that cronies and allies of the principal who often allegedly engaging themselves in violent crimes are now boasting and aversely celebrating that they have now successfully compromised the investigation of the matter before the legal session of Force CID Abuja.

Emmanuel Okonkwo Esq added that they boasted that they were assured that the legal advice from the Legal Session of Force CID Abuja will no longer link the principal suspect to the alleged killing of Frank Eferi, that the material evidence that could establish same will be expunged and that the legal advice will only recommend and link the principal suspect to the offense of Unlawful Possession of fire arms.

When the  information was  confirmed by one of the activist in the state, Emmanuel Aigbogun, this led to wide jubilation  in Iguomo that they have seen the legal advice and that the murder charge have been dropped so that they will be able to grant the suspect bail, the people of Ikhuen Oboh then express a no confidence on the lagal department, hence the appeal to the Inspector General Of Police to help look into the case and call for the file to know the true situation of case

The Solicitor pointed out it is in view of this and others that the Ohen, elders and people of the village are seeking for justice and pleads with Inspector General Of Police to revisit the case and direct that the previous findings of the various session of the Nigerian Police Force both at the Force CID Abuja be rigorously reviewed the alleged recommendations of the legal session of Force CID Abuja which allegedly purports to the principal suspect  who allegedly killed one Frank Eferi in the presence of a senior Police officer and others in broad daylight.

He noted that the evidence against the principal suspect is obviously overwhelming, the cronies of the principal suspect all time material has been working assiduously to compromise the allegations of the matter at stake.

They then appealed to the Inspector General Of Police (IGP), Usman Alkali Baba to use his good offices to look into the matter and do the needful as the soul of the deceased and everyone is in dire need of justice.

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