April 17, 2024

Elder Statesman Calls For Unity, Fair Governance Amid Terrorism Concerns

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By Simeon OSAJIE

In a compelling plea for unity and national progress, Elder Peter Otamere Eguavoen, a retired captain of the Nigerian Army has admonished Nigerians to stand together and avoid-sowing the seeds of discord and strongly warned against the terrible effects of war, especially for those who haven’t experienced it.

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The elder statesman, who made the appeal when he visited the Nigerian Observer premises, emphasized how crucial it is for us to come together, show love and work in one accord.

Drawing attention to Nigeria’s disturbing status as the third most affected country by terrorism globally, the retired captain opined, “The country has become a war zone in the word, and recently were rated as the third terrorist country in the world. The Northerners are trading with Southerners today because the Niger-Delta States are benefiting from the amnesty and the Ministry of Niger Delta”.

Pa Eguavoen directed attention towards the important role of political leadership, where he urged President Bola Tinibu, governors, and other officials to lead by example by prioritizing the nation’s welfare over personal interests.

He specifically addressed Governor Godwin Enogheghase Obaseki of Edo State by urging him to expand his administration to include different expertise for effective governance.

He praised the Governor Obaseki-led administration improvements in the Nigerian Observer Newspaper and urged the Federal Government to address the exorbitant cost of petroleum products and lubricants.

Going further, the elder statesman emphasized on the importance of completing pending projects under Governor Obaseki’s tenure, while also advocating for infrastructural developments such as linking Ekae Village in Ikpoba Okha local government area of the State to neighbouring areas for easy access.

While commending the progress made under Governor Obaseki’s administration since 2016, giving it an impressive rating of 90 percent based on his research and observations. However, the retired captain urged Edo residents to actively participate in the upcoming gubernatorial election to safeguard the state’s future.

“I therefore appealed to Edo people to take part in the forthcoming Edo gubernatorial election because 4 or 8 years is not forever,” he said.

Elder Eguavoen also addressed the need for pedestrian-friendly markets, stating concerns over traders obstructing walkways in the markets, and strongly criticized the performance of certain engineers contributing to Nigeria’s persistent electricity challenges, which he tagged “So-called Engineers”. He called for stricter regulations on dollar sales, particularly among certain ethnic groups, asked for God’s guidance and protection for Nigeria, and the wisdom to move the country forward.

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