July 16, 2024

Ex-President Eulogizes Obaseki On Civil Service Reform

Ex-President Eulogizes Obaseki On Civil Service Reform
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…Urges politicians, governors to emulate him

By Simeon OSAJIE

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Former Nigeria President, Dr. Goodluck Ebelle Jonathan today, 12th June, 2024 eulogised Edo State governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki on civil service reform and urged governors and politicians to emulate him, saying he has redefined the political system in the state by engaging brains to drive the process.

Jonathan noted that Nigeria needs politicians and governors like Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, who has the vision to groom intellectuals, bring about development to the people in his effort to enthroning good governance.

He said that while other state governments were finding it difficult to pay minimum wage, Obaseki had gone ahead to pay N70,000 minimum wage, which distinguished him from his colleagues as a performer among the public servants.

Jonathan spoke at the commissioning of the Edo State Civil Service Secretariat Complex in Benin City, Edo State, renovated and completed by the Obaseki-led administration.

Jonathan, who expressed satisfaction with the developmental projects embarked by the governor, said Obaseki is doing well in the state as his government has positively improved the welfare of the people, particularly the state workforce.

He expressed dismay that some governors in the country were busy encouraging youths into criminals activities with a view to using them win elections, urged them to rather encourage them to become brains that would be an asset to the country.

While commending Governor Obaseki for nurturing political prodigies in the state who would complement his efforts and achievements after leaving office, President Jonathan urged the people to support the governor to finish well.

The former president said
before this time, civil servants were taking what could not take them home, but Obaseki has changed that in Edo by paying what is reasonable and that can take them home.

“In fact, if you go to some states, governors are busy encouraging criminals because of politics. The people who will rig elections for them, snatch boxes, carry knives and cutlass to pursue people. But Governor Obaseki is encouraging the Brains of Edo State.

“The brains don’t come from one political party. The brains come from all political parties. Obaseki is not supporting these brains because he wants to win an election, but because he wants to build a state.

“For you to build a state, you have to build the people. I have to sincerely appreciate that vision. Let me join the civil servants in Edo State to thank you for improving their welfare. Of course, before this time, civil servants have been going home with salaries that can not take them home. Now, you are paying them salaries that take them home.” Jonathan said.

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