April 19, 2024

Edo FG Roads: History Will Never Forgive Some Past Representatives – Eholor

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…lambasts all past Edo ministers, senators, governors

By Simeon OSAJIE

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The founder of One Love Foundation and a human rights activist, Chief Patrick Eholor also known as ‘Ultimate Equal’ has lamented over the poor condition of both Federal Government and State roads in Edo State and said history will never forgive some past Edo State indigenes who served both at the federal and state levels over their negligence towards contributing their quota to ensure that the roads are given proper attention in the state.

Speaking to The9JaTREND, Eholor lamented how the then governor of Bendel State, Professor Ambrose Alli of blessed memories proved himself worthy amongst all. “When l remember late Ambrose Alli, water run away my eye,”  he stated.

He pointed out thatthe Benin-Auchi federal government road was awarded in 2013 when a son of Edo State Architect Mike Onolememen was the Minister of Works.

“I remember he (Onolememen) promised Nigerians that the road will be completed within 30 months. He also added then that the Federal Government awarded the contract to three different companies so that work can be hasten on the road. The minister revoked one of the contractor’s move to start work from Ewu in Edo central up to Ehor junction, but approved the start of the work from Auchi on one section and Benin on another section.

“If the then minister of works had allowed the work to continue simultaneously at Ewu through Ekpoma because of the university and up to Ehor, the deplorable condition would have been averted today.

“But again, Mike Onolemenmen didn’t have the idea about what is takes to be a minister of Works, but was all again because of nepotism, favoritism that assignment was given to him. History of Nigeria will remember him as one of the worst minister we had. What does it take him, that in his own countryside, it would have been a remarkable thing to compel with what late Ambrose Alli of blessed memory did to his people.

“Onolemenmen decided to play politics with his people. It is unfortunate that Esan people found themselves in such situation. I think Onolemenmen should be investigated, because a lot of money was budgeted for the rehabilitation of that section of the road. I think he owed the Esan people, the Edo people explanation.”

Going further, Dr. Patrick Eholor added, “I also recall the immediate senator who represented Edo Central Senatorial District, Senator Clifford Ordia was Chairman of the Senate Committee for works for eight, and yet he could not influence the repairs of the road.

“To Senator Clifford Oria who was there twice – no credit to him during his eight years in the National Assembly. He was just a bench wormer in the senate. My only pain here is to Ordia who failed Esan people in particular and Edo State people at large, because we are the road user, not the federal government. He used his period at the senator to concentrate on his business. He failed woefully.”

Eholor commended the efforts of late Chief Tony Anenih of blessed memory on the Benin bye-pass and wonder while an Edo South son, Engr. Chris Ogiemwonyi could not influence the completion of the second phase of the bye-pass as a minister.

“I give credit to Late Tony Anenih of blessed memory. We all know the huge sum of money that was spent to ensure that we have the bye-pass in Edo State.

“One would have expected an Edo South son, Engr. Chris Ogiemwonyi the then minister would do the needful to ensure the completion of the second phase of the bye-pass. Chris Ogiemwonyi is a total failure, and history will never forgive him,” he added.

While noted that the federal government are not using our roads, Eholor emphasized that it is we the citizens who voted for Obaseki are actually using this roads.

“So, it was not a miracle, it was not farfetched when Oshiomhole did it. As a matter of fact, the federal government were owing Edo State N16 billion and the money was paid immediately Adams Oshiomhole left office, and Godwin Obaseki gracefully received this money. So, he cannot be blaming the federal government for everything.

”Governor Godwin Obaseki is somebody who just enjoy blaming people. He has not just only failed the citizen of Edo State, he has failed the entire Nigeria, and has also failed himself woefully. To be fairness to the people, we should call Godwin Obaseki ‘General Enoghoghase’.

“For example, the Ihama Road I did a video, is that a federal road, Ekenwan road and Ikpoba Hill and the Government Reservation Road (GRA) axis, are they federal government road? The answer is No.  So, Obaseki is just trying to blame the federal for his failure, he is playing politics with the people because the people are myopic. The people are unable to wake up to their responsibility and know that he (Obaseki) is not a master, and we as citizens are not slave, the reason Obaseki is trying to get away with matters.”

Going further Eholor added: “But suffice to state here without any fear of contradiction that our past senators like, Daisy Danjuma, Ehigie Uzamere, Matthew Urhoghide, Odion Ugbesia, Prof. Osarhiemen Osunbor, Yisa Braimoh, and Alemikhena, would have ensure that their names are written in Edo State good book of record. History will never forgive them for their different roles played while they were in office.

“When Uzamere was there – he was one person who does not really known what it take to be a senator. He was just a show guy, somebody who campaign with Munemune joker. What do you expect from such person to give credible representation to his people? Uzamere failed abysmally.

“And it would not surprise you that recently I blocked the whole of Sapele road because of the abandonment by federal and state governments to fix the road. I remember I do call out Matthew Urhoghide. I learnt that he is expiring to govern Edo State.

“Senator Matthew Urhoghide disappointed and surprised a lot of people. He called himself a pharmacy; an educated person, but he is a total failure, because back of his house at Sapele Road; Sapele Road is just as bad as when we are talking about the Esan failed axis of the Benin-Auchi Road.

“For Senator Odion Ugbesia, he is also disappointment. He was just there for name. He did not really do anything as to helping the good people of Esanland. I think history will also remember him as one who failed the Esan people.

“Talking about Senator Yisa Braimoh, during his days at the National Assembly, no meaningful project can be recorded against his name. He failed the good people of Edo North in particular and Edo state at large. He concentrated more on his business than the people who voted him into power then.

“So, in all, I can boldly state here that our past senators were all good for nothing. I owe then no apology for saying that.”

Continued: “To the new senators – Adams Oshiomhole, Monday Okpebholo and Neda Imasuen. Talking about Neda, I talked to him not to be a part of the scam of N10 billion palliative where his citizens who voted for him, who queue up, who died for his sake cannot even eat three square meal a day. There is no infrastructure, there is no hospital and then, hopefully he would not go and sell his people for a pot of portage, but we are watching him very keenly. The rest senators, the same message that goes with them.

“My message for Godwin Obaseki who has very little time to stay, instead of him to focus and do the bid of the people, he is plotting a coup to overthrow his deputy governor because, when we told them that, Godwin Obaseki was a serial betrayal, nobody want to believe that. He has nailed the 90 per cent of his supporters which is 4 by 4 Togba. So, the only 10 person that is remaining now including Philip Shaibu he’s trying to finish totally so that they will never be remember again in history.

“Obaseki, you think you are doing me, you are doing yourself because you’re only going to be remember for two things; what you build or what you destroy. I hope you are able to realize this and do the needful for those people who voted for you twice because it wasn’t that you were smart neither you were clever, but by the grace of God and by the will of the people that you are there but if you fail and choose what is wrong, I mean what those who voted for you deserve, God will also reward you the same way you rewarded them.”

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