March 3, 2024


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  • Bassey Osagie hails from Uhi town in Uhunmwode Local Government Area of Edo State.
  • Bassey Osagie is with Toronto Police Service
  • Bassey Osagie attended York University Toronto, Canada and graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (1999).
  • Bassey joined the Toronto Police Service in June 1998, assigned to the Ontario Superior Court as a member of the security team for judges, crown prosecutors, prisoners and members of the public.
  • He was hired as a Police Officer in December 2000 and graduated from the Ontario Police College in April 2001.
  • He was elevated to 4th class Police Constable in May 2001 and then First Class Police Constable in 2004.
  • He was then assigned to 32 Division where he served in the Primary Response Unit, Alternative Response Unit, Community Response Unit, Divisional Warrant Officer, Detective Constable in the Major Crime Unit and the Criminal Investigation Bureau.
  • He has also served in the Street Violence Task Force, Toronto Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy (T.A.V.I.S), Human Resources Management (Background Investigation of Candidate).
  • He was promoted to the rank of Sergeant/Detective in 2011 making him the highest ranking Nigerian born police officer with the Toronto Police Service.
  • Following his promotion, he was assigned to 12 Division where he served as a road Supervisor and a Detective in the Criminal Investigation Bureau responsible for Divisional investigation of Financial Crimes, Assault, Youth Violence, Gun Violence, frauds, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Robberies and other criminal offences.
  • He was also a Supervisory Officer assigned to the Divisional Policing Support Unit (2014 – 2018 – DPSU).  DPSU is responsible for Toronto Police Community Outreach, Youth Programs, Countering Violence Extremism, Focus Situation Table, Auxiliary Programs, Threat Assessments and School Lockdown.
  • He is the Toronto Police Service Representative at the Toronto Youth Cabinet at City Hall.
  • He was the Supervisory officer assigned to B Platoon 32 Division working out of the Priority Response Unit (PRU). Officers assigned to the PRU are responsible for 911 calls for service, responding to calls from citizens regarding Robberies, Sexual Assault, Emotional Disturbed Persons, Financial Crime/Fraud and other related criminal offences.
  • He is currently the supervisory officer in charge of a team of 32 division Neighbourhood Community Officers (NCO) Program of the Toronto Police Service. The NCO unit is dedicated to work in partnership with local residents, community groups and community-based organizations to address crime, disorder, and community safety issues specific to each neighbourhood. The unit is proactive and use information and neighbourhood insights to identify community issues, co-develop solutions and mobilize Toronto Police resources in order to reduce crime, fear of crime and anti-social behaviour, increase public confidence and trust in police.
  • Bassey Osagie is a recipient of over sixteen (16) Unit Commander Awards, St John’s Ambulance Lifesaving Award, Vigor Volunteer of the Year Award, Canada @150 Citizen Award, Commendations and Community Award of Excellence by the Baptist Methodist Church.
  • He is also a recipient of the 2015 Black History Month Community Award by then Ontario Premier, Dalton McGuinty.
  • He is a seasoned expert in Community Policing with over 20 years of policing experience in different areas of the Toronto Police Service.  He has designed and implemented community outreach programs that have helped to build and sustain relationship between the Toronto Police Service and various communities.
  • Bassey Osagie is the President  & CEO of Uhi Security Services Limited worldwide. Uhi Security provides innovative security services to government agencies, corporations and private individuals across Nigeria.

Lets Support Bassey Osagie As Next Governor of Edo State Come 2024

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