May 20, 2024

Ex-Councillor Stabs Married Woman To Death In Edo

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…As angry youths burnt his house

By Simeon OSAJIE, pub-3120625432113532, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

A 40 year old married woman and mother of four,  Mrs. Patience Osawaru, didn’t feel the same way about Mr. Felix Ayo, a former councillor in Ugu Ward, Igueben Local Government Area of Edo State. Her words were loud and clear when he approached her sometimes ago for an amorous relationship. She was married and wouldn’t engage in adultery.

The sulking councillor, Mr. Felix Ayo felt scorned and reportedly swore vengeance. After all, it’s not for nothing that they say that hell hath no fury like a forlorn loverman.

The opportunity for a cold revenge presented itself last Saturday, April 27 when their children engaged in a fierce fight over sundry issues. The showdown bore all the hallmarks of a tussle between rival gang members.

A source, who would not want his name in print, explained that Mr. Ayo, fondly called Barrister, a next door neighbour to Mrs. Osawaru, a business woman, at Okpagha, suburban Benin, Edo State was inside his house when the commotion outside jostled him. He dashed outside only to discover that his children were engaged in a free for all with the children of his “enemy” who shunned his love proposal.

He was incensed when he caught a glimpse of his “enemy” that fateful evening and immediately rushed into his kitchen, armed with a knife, blade glittering in the golden evening sun. With fire in his eyes, he jumped at the woman’s son and raised the knife up, ready to stab.

Propelled by a mother’s natural instinct to save his children, Mrs. Osawaru leapt in between the enraged politician and his son and the tip of the knife fell on her left bicep. Bleeding profusely, the mother of four froze and fell on the floor with a thud. Still not satisfied, he fatally stabbed her on the stomach while on the ground.

Some neighbours and family members were said to have immediately took her to a nearby hospital where she was admitted in the emergency ward. Determined efforts by a team of surgeons to save her failed. The woman died.

When the sad news filtered into rustic Okpagha, situated along the Benin-Auchi Road, some crazed youths went berserk and razed Mr. Ayo’s bungalow down after which it was demolished. With the roof torn off, all that remained of the edifice are crumbling blocks.

It was gathered that after the stabbing, Barrister reportedly ran to the local Police Station at Egba to make a complaint of assault against the Osawarus. He was there, making logistics arrangements for the police to follow him to the scene when his mobile phone buzzed. The voice on the other side of the telephone was shaking. The woman was dead. He should escape and not come back home.

The ex-councilor made a bolt and quickly called his children at home to leave everything behind and run away. They took flight with only the clothes on their backs. None of them has been seen ever since.

Wailing, one of the children of the deceased explained: “Barrister carried a poisonous dagger and wanted to stab my brother but my mother jumped in between them to stop him. He stabbed her on the left arm. She fell on the floor bleeding. He then stabbed her on her stomach.”

A police source explained that the law enforcement agents at Egba Division have since commenced investigations into the incident but it is expected that the case will be transferred to the Homicide Department of the Edo State Police Command for further investigations.

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